Ryan Destiny’s winter fashion tips and ’90s style icons +2023

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For her first step into the world of fashion, Ryan Destiny had a single philosophy in mind: to create clothes that she would actually dive into at any moment.

“A lot of the pieces I would definitely wear personally,” Destiny, 27, tells POPSUGAR. “There was my headspace: I wanted to give people a little bit of myself through these tracks, but I didn’t push myself too hard.”

Earlier this year, PacSun tapped the “grown up” alum to launch her own eponymous collection, and she’s been releasing limited seasonal drops ever since. The latest 2022 Christmas collection includes festive, party-ready looks such as faux leather corset tops paired with tonal on-trend cargo pants and boxy-tailored blazers that are ideal for the office and after-work drinks alike.

“These are pieces that are simple and timeless that you can wear for years,” says Destiny. “It’s probably not going to be anything that goes out of style, so I love that part too.”

For Destiny – who just wrapped up the upcoming movie”flint strong,” which chronicles the story of Claressa “T-Rex” Shields, the Flint, MI native and world champion boxer – one piece of material is especially a must, especially during the colder months.

“I’m a big leather fan,” she says. “It’s always elegant, fun and warm, so we like that. But it’s still very cute.”

And when she’s getting ready for a night out, the actress isn’t shy about stacking the adornments. “I mean, I love combining my jewelry with rings, necklaces, and earrings,” says Destiny. “A night really can be anything you want: you can make a sale with it, and you can literally with all parts [in my collection].”

Beforehand, Destiny goes through some of her favorite pieces from her PacSun drop, her ’90s style icons, and the one item in her wardrobe she’s most excited about this season.

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