Royal author Angela Levin launches a scathing attack on Meghan Markle, saying she would be ‘nothing without the royals’ +2023

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have found themselves on the other side of heated controversy following their Netflix documentary. From royal fans to other stirring pundits, haters have turned against the Duchess of Sussex. Even reputable journalists and authors such as Piers Morgan and Angela Levin have not spared the couple any outrage.

After watching the first three episodes of the latest Harry and Meghan docuseries, royal author Angela Levin has become furious with the Duchess. When the former made some explosive comments about the royal family and their ways, Markle faced harsh accusations from all quarters. Additionally, Levin sat down at GBnews for another heated back-and-forth against the former American actress.

Angela Levin makes hate comments against Meghan Markle after releasing the docuseries

The interview has barely started Angela Levin hit out and said: Meghan Markle “would be nothing without the royal family.She continued to poke fun at their lack of gratitude and respect for the ancient imperial family of Great Britain. As he discussed various controversial comments about the statements made in the six-part docuseries, Levin (figuratively) set the news equipment on fire. The well-known critic did not hesitate to describe the Duchess as “shameful‘ to Britain’s once grand hierarchy.

However, this isn’t the first time the Royal writer has verbally attacked Meghan Markle. Again and again the author kept a close eye on the Duchess and her movements. She has launched many vehement attacks on the self-exiled couple while quipping in her mind about having their titles revoked. Speaking to GB News, Levin accused Markle of avoiding Palace. She accused her of wanting to govern everything. According to her allegations, Markle thought she knew better and wanted “enforces its rules without question.

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There was also much fiasco surrounding the Queen’s death. As the world watched the dejected Duchess wipe tears from her face, the royal biographer slammed Markle’s gestures. Angel Levin also took a taunt at the time, saying the Duchess wasn’t real.

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