Rose Gold Hair Color Formula

I love this hair color. Blond, copper, and red colors. If your hair is lighter colors are easier. But you must turn the darker the color of your hair. (Using Wella blond etc.)

Dasch Polanco loved this hair color in 2013. This is how hair color? Formula below.

 Color Formulas
Formula A:
PRAVANA Pure Light Balayage Lightener with Pure Light Activator in High
Formula B: PRAVANA ChromaSilk Express Tone in Copper
Formula C: PRAVANA VIVIDS PASTELS in Too Cute Coral with VIVIDS Silver

1. Apply Formula A to the ends, working it up to the root. Make sure to paint freehand for a natural effect. Leave about 1 1/2″ of root untouched. Let the hair process for 45 minutes. Then, rinse and reapply for the same amount of time until the hair is lifted to a golden blonde.

2. After washing out the lightener, apply Formula B for 3 minutes.

3. Apply Formula C throughout the entire head and process it for 30 mins.



Rose-Gold-Hair-Color-002 Rose-Gold-Hair-Color-001

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