Rosala cuts her hair and nails to surprise with her look at the 2023

Among the image you have seen of Rosala with several awards Latin Grammys 2022 in her arms and the image of the red carpet or the spectacular performance that allowed her to confirm herself as one of the artists of the year, there are minutes of difference. Then, Has Rosala cut her hair or not? It seems that the Catalan singer has once again played the mistake with her beauty look, imposing a haircut that is not real. Now, so much flirting with his hair smacks of indecision about whether to cut his hair permanently or not. Rosala, if you read us, don’t have any more doubts, that clavicut cut favors you a lot.

At the recent Los 40 Principales awards gala, Rosala appeared on stage, singing Fame, dressed in a very groundbreaking transparent design and a haircut to the clavicle with bangs that misled the staff. Yes, it was Rosala, but two of its most characteristic features were not on the stage. Goodbye to the long hair and goodbye to the extra long nails that became a hallmark of her identity. Shortly after, the singer picked up one of the 40 Music Awards with her hair intact and her hands wrapped in gloves. She returned to Rosala as always.

Last night, at the 2022 Latin Grammy gala, more of the same happened, but since the haircut that walked the red carpet did not have bangs that would cover the evidence of a wig, everything seemed to indicate that Rosala had opted for the stylish Medium length haircut that suits you so well. “They are wigs and it’s fantastic because it gives us the option to change one day immediately without risking your usual look,” says stylist Gabriel Llano.Side hairstyle with wet effect, the Spanish artist won the favor of all those attending the gala, with a great dance moment with Rauw Alejandro included in her performance. Completing her look, again, a completely black style but much more motorized, honoring the album. motomami that has allowed him to win the acclaimed Latino award for another year (he previously won it with malquerer).

the American influence in her beauty look changes

It was time to sit down at the piano to open his performance. Ah, Rosala knows very well that XXL nails are incompatible. So she opted for a manicure comfy, short but brilliant thanks to the golden enamel. No trace of stiletto design on her nails, rounded and in a minimal version, Rosala’s look seemed to show a radical change in her style of presentation to the world. Is there a trace of the artist who became known worldwide with a flamenco-style album? Her music has evolved a lot, why not look at her?

The nails have been cut. The option of getting an acrylic or gel manicure is a resource always available to Rosala if she wants to recover that hallmark. it’s a style very american, à la Kardashians. She shares make-up with her friend Kylie Jenner and just as the famous sisters appear on their television show one day with short hair and the next with long hair (they also share a hairdresser: Jess Guerrero), the Spaniard has been encouraged to play with her appearance radically and constantly changing look. Posts to choose one, we have it clear, the clavicut favors you much more, without bangs, yes. And about the nails, there is a diversity of opinions: those who prefer to identify Rosala with extra long nails and stilettos and those who consider that it is much more chic to wear it in a short version and it is time to evolve to another style, as with her music.

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