Revolution Haircare Plex Review: See Photos +2023

As a beauty writer, I’ve tried too many hair care products to count. (Hey, it’s part of the job description.) I’ve tested super-luxe items like the Dyson as well as wallet-friendly drugstore finds, and the truth is that some lower-priced formulas are just as good as the more expensive ones. Case in point: I recently got my hands on Revolution Haircare’s TikTok-famous Plex line, available at Target.

Beauty lovers on TikTok compared his formulas to another popular bonding series with steeper price tags (and a similar name – IYKYK), so I just did it would have to try it out to see if it’s worth the hype. In advance, I share my experience of testing each of the products so you can decide whether or not to add it to your cart as well.

What I like about the Revolution Haircare Plex Line

What I like most about the Revolution Haircare Plex line is that it’s affordable (everything is between $8-$10), looks great in my shower, and does a good job of keeping my hair looking its best. The range has a total of seven products, each marked with a number that corresponds to the step that should be included in your hair care routine. I bought four of the seven – specifically the shower products (not the stylers) – hoping to moisturize my dry hair. Here are the products I’ve tried, how I’ve used them, and how they’ve worked on my thick, wavy hair.

First, start with the Revolution Haircare Plex Step 3 Bond Restore Treatment ($10), which is formulated to be used before shampoo and conditioner. The brand recommends dampening your hair and leaving it on for 15 minutes before washing it out and moving on to the shampoo and conditioner. I’ll be honest: the thought of getting in the shower and then coming out to let the treatment work on my hair just didn’t get to me, so I shaved and washed very slowly while the product soaked into my hair.

I then followed up the treatment with the Plex Step 4 Bond Plex Shampoo ($10) and the Plex Step 5 Bond Plex Conditioner ($10). The shampoo foamed up very nicely and both had the same wonderfully fresh and fruity scent as the treatment.

After blow-drying my hair straight with the Shark FlexStyle Air Drying & Styling System, I applied Revolution Haircare Plex Step 8 4D Restore Oil ($10). This is hands down my favorite product in the line (and judging by its near-perfect five-star rating, I’m not alone). Just a few drops of the lightweight formula goes a long way to increasing shine and preventing frizz.

What to consider about the Revolution Haircare Plex Line

Most importantly, Revolution Haircare Plex products do not contain the same ingredients as their more expensive competitor products. Perhaps the biggest comparison between the two is their similar names and snazzy packaging. The latter uses a patented ingredient that you won’t find in drugstore products does still contain plant proteins which the brand claims strengthen, repair and moisturize your hair. However, it also contains synthetic fragrances and silicones that some people try to avoid.

It also wouldn’t do you any favors not to mention that some buyers have found the formulas to have made their hair dry, but that’s something I haven’t personally experienced. After putting most of the line to the test, my hair felt soft and healthy and looked shinier than ever.

The results

Who is the Revolution Haircare Plex line best for?

While the Revolution Haircare Plex line is suitable for all hair types – straight, wavy, curly and everything in between – it’s best suited for those who have hair damage or breakage due to chemical processing, color treatments, or just general dryness. It’s also great for anyone looking for a big shine boost. If it’s important to you that your products look aesthetically pleasing in the shower, you won’t be disappointed with the brand’s minimalist packaging.


Image Credit: POPSUGAR Photography / Marisa Petrarch

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