Retro Natural Hair Dye Tutorial

blonde-0012111. Goldwell silk lift bleach, with serum, Olaplex and their 30vol developer
2. Base bump Redken color gels 10na hairline 30vol
Base 7na+ 8na 30vol

3. Rinse shampoo condition dry
No gloss
STYLED BE ME✨✨ The Biggest tips for at home hair care:

1.Use purple shampoo once a week
2. Make sure there’s not copper in your water supply, which can turn hair green. Mineral build up can be fixed by ur colorist with malibu crystals
3.Blow dry on the cooler setting and turn ur flat iron to 350 it will still straighten ur hair
4. Get regular trims even if it 1/8 of an inch (dusting)
5. Deep condition at least once a week
6. Brush ur hair gently every night from root to ends, to pull ur natural oil through ur hair
7. Dont shampoo everyday, Use dry shampoo! Try at least every other day
8. Clear gloss! If u can’t get to the salon for a clear gloss try oscar blandi or john Frieda’s at least once a month
9. Use over night treatment when u know you are going to was your hair the next day
10. Use Olaplex No.3 take home! ✨✨ Also Keeping ur natural color in with ur highlights allows for a prettier grow out.   When I base bump a client. I leave the color on no more than 5 min. “

Colorist tips:

1. Put oils on the ends of the hair ur not highlighting
2. U can use thick wax to cover the hair to the foil that is really white, to protect from bleach
3. Use different volumes of bleach for the same sections of hair, if need be For instance:
30 vol on roots
But 9vol on blonde you need to bump it up a bit
4. Obviously Olaplex but never more than 1/4 oz per batch of bleach
5. Instead of using a hooded dryer try your blow dryer and diffuser, this allows for heating precision

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