Resurfaced ‘Drew Barrymore Show’ clip shocks fans and goes viral: ‘Poor woman needs to vent’ +2023

The Drew Barrymore Show is full of surprises — and fans are absolutely reveling in a resurfaced video that showed an awkward exchange between two viewers.

During a segment of last season’s Drew’s News, Drew Barrymore and co-host Ross Mathews asked the audience what they would do if they didn’t like a friend’s partner. Things took an unexpected turn when she visited a certain couple.

When the man replied to the question at hand, “You must be honest and you must not ruin everything either,” the woman next to him turned and said that he had indeed “ruined everything.”

According to the woman, she had recently attempted to propose on the Brooklyn Bridge, but things didn’t go as she planned. She told the audience, “He said to me, ‘Oh no, it’s embarrassing. Get up’” leaving Barrymore with a shocked face.

While the story had nothing to do with the question Barrymore asked, the woman said she “has to do this.” And while her boyfriend admitted he planned to propose to himself later, that didn’t stop it from creating a Twitter frenzy over the resurfaced clip.

“How did she think this story would land,” one wrotewhile someone else answered“She just wanted to share and we love her for it.”

“The poor woman had to vent,” a third person pointed out.

Another fan Posted, “And that’s on ‘You think it was embarrassing that I proposed to you on the Brooklyn Bridge!? Just wait, I’ll show you what real embarrassment looks like!!!'”

“The way this is ten times more embarrassing and will probably haunt her forever,” another added.

“The adrenaline rush from the tension and awkwardness of this clip single-handedly roused me from my fear, my bones feel tingly,” another viewer interfered.

Hopefully he’s proposed by now — and if not, let’s hope she has a good variety of daytime talk shows to tune into.

The Drew Barrymore Show airs weekdays at 9:30 p.m. ET.

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