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New year, new music! Restless streets is ready to bring some fresh tunes to his fans next year and spoke along in an EXCLUSIVE interview about what to expect from the band in 2023! “I think the goal sometime next year is to get the album out,” Colton package from Restless Road across from HL. “We already know what we’re going to call it and we already have about seven songs on the bench. So I think We plan to go back in and cut by the end of the year!”

“One thing is for sure, we will be releasing more music next year than this year,” he added Zach Beeken quipped, “Honestly, if I had to guess, next year we’ll be releasing more music than ever before.”

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The trio explained that they “were trying to find new music that felt really unique [to them] as a group.” “We’re just trying to figure out what kind of songs really highlight what we’re doing, so that we stand out from the rest of the crowd.” Garret Nichols explained. “We’re starting to amass a bunch of really cool stuff that’s going to really accentuate our harmonies, so I’m excited. A lot of secret things are happening!”

The guys admitted that they are a “melting pot” of different influences and life experiences, which brought “diversity” to the future album. “When we play a show, we want to give people variety, we want to give people a complete journey,” Zach said. “We’re definitely going to have the drinking songs, we’re going to have the songs that tug at your hearts. We’ll have songs about real life, straight from the heart. There are so many different themes that we will shoot for.”

Restless streets. (Shutterstock)

“I think the goal is just to have a really well rounded album,” added Garrett. “I remember Kane saying something about his goal with his albums, and honestly I think that’s what everyone’s goal should be, is that whether you’re a country fan or not, it’s on everyone album should be a song that at least appeals to someone and that someone can get something out of it. And I think that’s our whole goal here.”

Restless Road has been touring for a full year and is at it Kane Brown on multiple dates for his Drunk or Dreaming Tour and on their own Bar Friends Tour. “By the end of the year we’ll have been on the road 250 days this year,” recalled Colton. “We’re going to keep doing that, but I think our main focus and what we’re most excited about right now is just bringing new music to people because that’s what drives the whole thing.”

He continued, “That’s what’s driving the whole boat, bringing music and the music to the fans and building that excitement and momentum to keep going.” RR finishes 2022 in Europe with Kane Brown before settling down for the holidays sets up and then hits the studio in 2023! Follow Restless Road on social media to keep up to date with their new releases and upcoming tour dates!

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