Red Hair with Copper Ombre Formula Wella Color Touch


I love the hair ombre. But many hairdressers this practice fails. Very good hairdresser can create beautiful hair. The color transition is very important. It should also look good after washing your hair. (Hair dye because continuous flow). Here is a nice implementation.


Use Wella Color Touch 66/45+ 1.9% from base to 2-3 inches down the shaft. Take diagonal-back sections starting at the nape and appy 3/4 oz 77/45+ 1/4 oz 0/00+ 1.9% to mid shafts leaving 2-3 inches of ends out (use brush vertically to melt sections together), separating with perforated seran wrap sheets. Apply 20 vol + Blondor to ends. Continue working diagonally back up the head to the top. After 20 min, shampoo and tone with Color Touch Relights /34 for 15 min.

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