‘Real Housewives Of Miami’ Star Julia Lemigova Was ‘Saddened’ To Find Out About Lenny Hochstein’s Affair, Doesn’t Care Larsa Pippen Called Her A ‘Weirdo’ +2023

The first four episodes of Real Housewives of Miami Season 5 is now streaming on Peacock and the drama is hotter than ever. While Lisa Hochstein’s shocking marital troubles with cheating husband Dr. Lenny Hochstein takes center stage this season, there’s plenty of intrigue, glamor and, thankfully, lots of laughter. Taking center stage is former Russian beauty queen Julia Lemigova, who quickly became a fan favorite last season with her quirky charm, casual glamor and loving family. Married to tennis legend Martina Navratilova since 2014, Lemigova is proud to be a good partner and loving mother to her daughters Emma and Victoria.

In season 5 we will see how Lemigova tackles a new chapter in her life: the empty nest. With her two children out of the home, Lemigova struggles with dividing her time between her farm and the city, and aspires to return to the modeling industry as an older woman. While supporting her daughters from afar, Lemigova tries to strengthen her bond with Navratilova as they face new challenges in their marriage. Needless to say, she’ll need plenty of support from her castmates, including pal Adriana de Moura and nemesis Larsa Pippen.

Ahead of the season five premiere, Decider spoke to Lemigova about the upcoming season, her relationship with Pippen, and why she, too, is being treated by Dr. Lenny Hochstein’s infidelity was caught off guard.

DECISION MAKER: Now that your two daughters are out of the house, you’ve become an empty nest! How are you dealing with this transition?

JULIA LEMIGOVA: We know when we have children that one day those children will go and have their own lives. It’s normal, but we’re never ready for it. I cried and I cried and I cried and I still cry sometimes, a little less but it’s super hard. Thank goodness Victoria is in the US so it’s easier. She is only a two-hour flight away, while Emma has chosen Paris. I’m just trying to appreciate the moments when the girls come to visit me.

You remain involved with the farm and return to your modeling career. Were you more nervous or excited to get back into modeling?

A bit of both. I was confident but then happy about how the industry has changed. There’s a lot more diversity now and people accept it so much. You don’t have to be so skinny and so young anymore. There’s a market for women of all ages and all sizes and all types, which is incredible. I’m so happy that fashion goes like this. My daughters have been incredibly supportive. They said, “Mom, you should do it.” They were a little worried that I would lock myself up completely on the farm. When I signed with an agency, the girls were so happy. I always tell them I’m farm and glam, I’m both in one person. And now I live it.


In the first episode, we see that Larsa called you a “weirdo” on Instagram for defending your friend and fellow cast member Adriana. Why did you let that comment get under your skin?

This comment didn’t get under my skin [laughs]. What got under my skin was that she was rude to Adriana. That upset me. People can call me weirdo if they want. I do not care. i know who i am I’m a bit nerdy. I am different. I mean, how many people do you know who would rather sleep in the pen with the goats than enjoy a beautiful ocean view in Miami Beach? [laughs]? Someone like Larsa would say I’m a madman.

Do you think Larsa deserved the second chance you gave her at the fresh start party?

I believe in giving people second chances, but I keep my eyes open. I never relax 100% with Larsa. I enjoyed getting to know them better. She has a lot of wit. We stay what we think, with a little twist. It is different.

I personally love seeing you two together.

Larsa fascinates me. There’s just something about her. She makes me laugh. We play this teasing game and I don’t have that dynamic with other friends of mine. I’m looking forward to getting to know her better, but I’ll be careful.

In the first three episodes, it’s clear that there is a growing rift in Lisa and Lenny’s marriage. Were you surprised by the events that unfolded throughout the season?

Yes absolutely. I’ve been to their parties many times. I saw their dynamic, which seemed to work well. Both like to party. They are fun people. I knew he liked pretty girls because he’d married one, and pretty girls always existed. I never thought he would go and run away with one, especially since they have young children. I was really saddened by what I found out about his behavior. I only feel sorry for the children.


What can you tease about the rest of the season?

In my personal story you will see how I go through something I never imagined would happen in my personal life. It’s something very intense and emotional with a lot of drama, fire and people speaking their minds. Some friendships change with the other ladies. You’ll see. It’s like a thriller instead of reality TV. My daughter Victoria watched a few episodes with me and said, ‘Oh my god. Mom, I can’t wait to see more.” Last year she wasn’t as engaged, but this year is very different — so fiery and mesmerizing. I look forward to whatever is unfolding because I’m like, ‘I want to tell you what I see, but I can’t tell you.’ It’s an incredible season. I promise.

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