Queen Letizia, in camel and white, dazzles with the most elegant combination beyond 50

Queen Letizia, in camel and white, dazzles with the most elegant combination beyond 50 +2023

Queen Letizia has dazzled on her trip to Los Angeles with one of her roundest looks this year and that is saying. Princess Leonor’s mother has given a lesson in classic elegance with a look that combines the camel tone with white, the most sophisticated mix of colors and a favorite of women over 50.

The silver top of the influencers of 50 that modernizes the looks with the most basic and elegant suits

Doña Letizia has rescued from her dress the set of white blouse and matching skirt that one of the Zarzuela dressmakers made for her passage, last March, at Madrid Fashion Week. A set that may well be a dress that is to her absolute taste and that stylizes the silhouette to the maximum. The looks in white give light to the face and they make any combination of clothes more elegant. Combined with camel they even surpass black.


Queen Letizia’s blouse has puffed sleeves, ruffled and very marked shoulders and a very fluid and light skirt, with a suggestive but chic opening in the skirt and a high waist, which makes the silhouette much more slender. Some pretty camel-colored heels with crossed straps from the firm Magrit add height and a tasteful plus to her look. A matching two-tone bag from Carolina Herrera puts the icing on the cake.

The queen’s new camel coat is the jewel in the crown of her distinguished look, definitely. It is one of those wardrobe essentials that never go out of style and can be combined with practically everything in it. All urban, minimal or lady styles, as Letizia wears, look great with him.

It is the most versatile garment and Letizia does not have one or two, she has several camel-colored coats in her closet that we have seen over the years. This one by Carolina Herrera, double-sided, wide and crossed fabric, is a new addition to her desired dressing room. She wears it resting on her shoulders, her most distinguished gesture.


White and camel, the winning combination beyond 50

Whatever your style, age or body shape, camel will find its way into your wardrobe, but it is undoubtedly combined with white (or black) as it looks best. Both are the most classic, basic colors and perfect for neutralizing more explosive tones, but together they are synonymous with sophistication and style. White and camel in the same look are big words.

As simple as adding a camel coat or a trench coat to a full white or combine a camel look with white boots and accessories of the same all. It’s easier than it seems and it always looks good. Camel is a warm, elegant and timeless color, that we can wear 24/7 and white is always right. Together they make magic, the matches perfect, and those who know the most about fashion have already realized it. It is not surprising that this look of the queen has gone around the world.

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