Purple tones: This beauty trend is currently going viral on TikTok

Purple tones: This beauty trend is currently going viral on TikTok +2023

From beginner to pro
This is how we make up the viral color trend correctly

From beginner to professional: This is how we make up the viral color trend correctly

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The purple-luminous make-up looks are already a hype on social media. In everyday life, the beautiful yet dominant look can quickly become too much. With a few simple tricks, you can easily replicate the trend – whether you are a beginner or a professional.

“Purple Rain” is not only a popular song by Prince, but also the current makeup mantra on TikTok. Purple over purple, in all possible facets: on the eyelids, cheeks, lips — as an all-over look, this can of course be overwhelming for beauties who don’t particularly wear make-up every day. Here we show you how beginners, advanced users and professionals can apply make-up to the trend in everyday life.

1. Trend for beginners: Less purple is more

We don’t want to look exactly like gum-chewing Violetta from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And that’s exactly what happens when you usually rely on subtle styles and suddenly go all out. As a starter, you only replace a Beauty step through purple-colored products and ideally you limit yourself to the eye area, which you might already put in the limelight every day with mascara or eye shadow.

Mascara: The black or brown mascara is replaced by violet-pigmented products. And don’t worry: we don’t look like we’re from the Punch and Judy show. The nuances are particularly suitable for people with red hair or green eyes, as they intensify the colour. A nice side effect: the color sparkles especially in the sun and gives you a compliment or two.

eye shadow: Soft rosé or brown tones are common eyeshadow colors that can easily be swapped out for more subtle, semi-transparent purple tones. The best thing to do here is delicate shades of lilac or lavender, which lie very delicately on the eyelid. The cooler shades with a slight blue tinge look less heavy and madamy. Cream and powder eyeshadows are easy to spread and can also be combined with a second, natural nuance from your own routine. How about a delicate champagne tone that fades into a delicate blue-violet? This way you can easily approach your own desired result.

Advanced: Playing with the nuances

Blackberry violet, aubergine purple, crimson: is it only for professionals? Hardly likely. Even advanced users who like to try color or eyeliner in everyday life can show themselves to be color lovers and try out multiple colors in several places. Don’t worry, the violet risk is eliminated with these tips.

Cut Crease: The mix of nuances creates a seductive look that you can’t ignore. A pearl violet, applied to the movable eyelid, can make brown as well as green eyes shine with a sharply defined deep violet. For blue eyes, pale violet and octopus purple are especially grateful. Important: Choose either cool or warmer shades for the look — we don’t want to look like a main character from “Fight Club”. The matching mascara completes the look.

rouge: But what would eye make-up be without the right blush? Apricot, pink, peach, rosé remain in the make-up box. The purple tones are definitely not just something for the winter months, but also make a statement in the warmer seasons. Medium-dark and darker skin tones enjoy rich, warm nuances. They can also be really intensively pigmented, so that they come into their own in contrast to the skin. In addition, the purple rouge has a very special benefit: it neutralizes pale tones. Happy glow? For sure! Lilac-colored nuances have an invigorating effect on lighter skin, and the complexion appears significantly fresher. Compliments are guaranteed, especially with the right eye make-up! Yes, be careful: If you opt for warmer tones for the eyes, this also applies to the rouge.

Pros: All-over purple glow

Professionals know their craft and also know how to use it in a way that suits their type and purpose. They inspire in the complete potpourri that the color purple has to offer. For the cut crease, they combine an intensive liner in lively nuances, which contrasts in color with the eyeshadow, they choose a harmonious blush and wear it over the cheeks in light, floating movements. Now comes the twist that separates the pro from the beginner and the advanced.


… the lip color! Gloss, lipstain, lipstick! We see purple! But not in all nuances. While a delicate lilac or violet-blue unfolds beautifully on the eyelids, it is the opposite on the lips. Blue-tinged nuances quickly have a shivering effect and make us look ill. The key lies in warm nuances: aubergine, plum, sangria or fuchsia give the lips volume and dimension and duly round off the all-purple look.


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