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This is what the time you spend in the bathroom says about you

Beauty Psychology: This is what the time you spend in the bathroom says about you

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It doesn’t matter whether you do the full program with care, make-up and Co., or just brush your hair quickly: How long you spend in the bathroom every morning says a lot about you.

Some of us get up half an hour earlier in the morning to get ready, while others prefer to sleep in and avoid the tedious process of putting on make-up. We all tick a little differently – but what does that say about us?

“Yahoo Health” conducted a survey with almost 2,000 women between the ages of 13 and 64 to find out what goes on in our bathroom in the morning. Result: On average, respondents spend 22.5 minutes every morning getting ready for the day.

The longer we are in the bathroom, the more dissatisfied we are with ourselves

And what does this time mean? According to this study, women who spend almost 20 minutes in front of the mirror have a more negative, or at least neutral, self-image (“I am not satisfied with myself and would like to change something about myself”).

On the other hand, women who spend 18.7 minutes or less in the bathroom feel more comfortable in their bodies. These women can say about themselves without hesitation: “I am very happy with myself and love myself as I am”. Incidentally, women spend most of their time in the bathroom in the morning. Depending on how they feel on the day, they are sometimes happy with themselves and sometimes not: they need an average of 26.1 minutes for their daily routine.


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