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Prosthetic Nail – Bonitam +2023

Prosthetic nail works make the short nail structure stronger. These applications, which are prepared to make the nails look more well-groomed and beautiful, produce a professional result with the use of thin devices. Prosthetic nail procedures are one of the ideal applications, especially for those who experience permanent nail breakage.

Moreover, both oval, almond and blunt prosthetic nail works are carried out. Kadikoy prosthetic nails In our center, the application is completed in the most professional way. The permanence of this procedure takes about 1 month.

Istanbul Prosthetic Nail Center

Istanbul prosthetic nails Our company, which serves as a center, operates in more than one area. Thanks to these studies, which help the nails to be well-groomed and longer, people get rid of constantly broken nails.

Moreover, these prosthetic nail applications are completed by using materials that will completely protect the nail and will not harm it. Our Center kadikoy prosthetic nails continues its services. In this sense, permanent nail polish works are also carried out on every prosthetic nail.

Top Quality Prosthetic Nail Applications

The highest quality prosthetic nail applications are offered by our company. The lengths and cuts of the nails are also prepared according to the wishes of the customers. Special protective products are applied to the nail in front of the prosthetic nail application.

In this way, the nail gets a more aesthetic appearance without any damage. Each of these prosthetic nail works, which make up hand care and aesthetics, has been preferred and applied by many people recently.

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