Progress at Mattel: This new Barbie has Down Syndrome +2023

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This is the first Barbie with Down Syndrome

The German Ambassador Natalie Dedreux with the new Barbie.

The German Ambassador Natalie Dedreux with the new Barbie.

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April 26, 2023

That’s why Mattel is now thrilling with Down Syndrome Barbie

Toy manufacturer Mattel is taking another step towards inclusivity with a new Barbie that allows children with Down Syndrome to see themselves in a Barbie. The new model comes in a playful flower dress, with a pink necklace and enchants with long, ashy hair. Mattel Vice President Lisa McKnight said, “Our goal is to enable all children to see themselves in Barbie, while encouraging children to play with dolls that don’t look like themselves.”

The Barbie was designed in cooperation with the US Down Syndrome Society. In collaboration, care was taken to ensure that the face and body should resemble those of women who have trisomy 21. The new Barbie’s face appears rounder, the bridge of the nose flatter and the eyes more almond-shaped. German Ambassador Natalie Dedreux explains why this step is so important: “I think it’s important that there are Barbie dolls with Down syndrome, because it makes people with Down syndrome more visible. And more attention is paid to it because then society notices and sees that something like that is cool too.”

April 25, 2023

Hole ballerinas: This shoe trend is now setting the tone

Attention shoe fans! Because there is a new trend that scores not only visually, but also functionally. The hole shoes are reminiscent of classic ballerinas, but differ in the material, because here many small holes adorn the top of the shoe. The hole ballerinas not only make a fashion statement, the holes also ensure better ventilation of the feet. At the same time, they are the ideal change from simple models and are guaranteed to attract attention. Many influencers are already using the trend for themselves. It remains to be seen whether the unusual shoe design will prevail in the long term.

April 24, 2023

No models: PrimaDonna’s new bra campaign shoots with women of different age groups

The feeling of a really well-fitting bra is indescribable: no pinching, no pinching – a feeling of freedom. And who could describe that better than women like you and me? The Belgian lingerie company PrimaDonna thought the same and shot a new campaign together with five women from different age groups and countries. It not only expresses beautiful silhouettes, forms and bodies, but also reports of experiences, from which feelings such as gratitude, relief and pride speak.

Ulrike is in front of the camera for the new PrimaDonna campaign.

Ulrike is in front of the camera for the new PrimaDonna campaign.

© PrimaDonna

One testimonial comes from Ulrike, who tried on a PrimaDonna bra about seven years ago, she says: “It was love at first sight. I still wear this bra by the way. At the time I wasn’t as confident as I am now, but putting that bra on made me feel like a woman. A woman who can be proud of who she is and what she has. PrimaDonna means to me: I deserve to love myself.”

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