Priyanka Chopra: She swears by these 3 skincare products

Priyanka Chopra: She swears by these 3 skincare products +2023

Priyanka Chopra on her beauty heroes “Mascara was one of the first products I used”

Priyanka Chopra reveals her beauty secrets

Priyanka Chopra

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Priyanka Chopra is a multifaceted artist. After a successful Bollywood career, she went to Hollywood and now she’s conquering the beauty market. In an interview about her limited-edition make-up line, she gives us a private insight into her beauty rituals.

Priyanka Chopra has been the face of Max Factor since July 2021 and is launching her first limited-edition makeup line with the beauty giant in Spring 2023. At the kick-off event, we meet the Hollywood star for a major beauty interview in London.

Priyanka Chopra shares insights into her beauty routine

As soon as I enter the room where the interview is to take place, I can already feel the presence of Priyanka Chopra Jonas. She’s neither particularly big nor does she wear a noticeable scent – it’s her glow, her charisma and her likeable nature that signal to me: Here’s a star in front of you. For the interview, she appears in white and only uses pink accents on her eyelids and lips. All very delicate and matching her facial features – an important point in her beauty routine, as she explains to me later. We sit down and start talking about the beautiful things in life.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas always has three beauty products with him

For some it is the make-up, the concealer or the eyebrow pencil: Everyone has beauty favourites, which are usually used every day. Nick Jonas’ wife has three products that she doesn’t want to be without: “I always have a lipstick in my bag. A bright color that you can wear as a small splash of color or with full effect on the whole lip. A lipstick can You can also use it on your cheeks or as an eyeshadow, so I like to keep a multipurpose lipstick in my bag, and I always have a lip balm with me, and then a mascara, mascara was one of the first makeup products I used have.”

With her Universal Color Collection, Priyanka Chopra has developed a make-up range for all skin and hair types.

With her Universal Color Collection, Priyanka Chopra has developed a make-up range for all skin and hair types.

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Above all, lipstick is her secret weapon when the day has gone bad, when you feel tired or sad. A little color on the lips and the mood is already better, that’s Priyanka’s opinion. She has been working in the film and modeling business for a long time and knows all about make-up. She thinks two things are crucial for a successful beauty look: “It’s important that you know your face or that you have a make-up artist who studies the facial features and knows what the advantages are. You shouldn’t make too much make-up either Use -up, less is more. And the shade should match the skin tone and texture as closely as possible so it feels as natural as possible.”

According to Priyanka: This is the best beauty tip

As a Hollywood star, you deal with professional make-up artists almost every day, which is why we asked Priyanka Chopra what the best beauty tip was that she had ever received. The answer is clear. You can work with the best make-up artists, good skin is the best basis for any make-up. She continued: “I have a crazy intense life and I’m on the go all the time which in turn leads to jet lag, so you have to be proactive about it to take care of your skin. I drink tons of water and try to do at least 7-8 Getting hours of sleep. Which may mean I don’t have time to date.”

She also points out that the skin is stressed during the day by environmental influences, make-up or dust particles, so that cleaning the skin in the evening is mandatory.

No matter how tired I am, I take ten minutes to make sure I’m cleansing my skin and applying my oily serum and moisturizer. And if I’m not too tired, I also use eye cream and lotion on my hands and feet.

In the morning, the 40-year-old is all the faster. Showering and sunscreen will do for Priyanka most days.

For smooth skin, Priyanka Chopra swears by these three products

At the end of the conversation we wanted to know more about it: Which skincare products does a Hollywood star swear by? “I use Forest Essentials from India, which my best friend recommended to me. I use their 24k serum, it’s very moisturizing and skin feels transformed with regular use. Love the hyaluronic acid Dr Barbara Sturm serum plus 111skin moisturizer This is a super light daytime moisturizer I keep switching up my skincare routine as the skin becomes immune to the products but these are the three products I keep buying. ”


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