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Diana, Princess of Wales was and still is an icon. From the moment she burst into the limelight as a member of the British royal family, Princess Diana has been one to watch. After she died in a car accident in Paris 25 years ago, on August 31, 1997, the legacy of the People’s Princess lives on through her children, Prince William and Prince Harry, five grandchildren, and in all the charities she founded.

Her time as the wife of King Charles III. – the two married in 1981 and divorced in 1996 – wasn’t without controversy, but in the end Princess Diana remains an icon for fans around the world. Her style, grace and charitable heart left a lasting impression.

Whether you love her for her fashion or her ability to break down barriers within royal protocol and still come out on top, she will never be forgotten. Part of that long-lasting fame is captured in the beautiful photos we have of her today, and is tapped into in other ways, such as Harry’s Netflix documentaries – which released their first episode on December 8 – where he reminisces about his deceased mother remembered.

Get a glimpse of some of Princess Diana’s most memorable moments in photos in honor of her death anniversary, and prepare to experience style and personality envy as you scroll.

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