Prince Harry ‘begs’ King Charles for money, insiders say ‘there seems to be a money problem’ +2023

Prince Harry and King Charles already share a strained relationship, and now the feud is rearing its ugly head over tax matters. King Charles believes his son Harry must follow stricter rules to be part of the palace. However, this puts him in a different mindset to his siblings and in the eyes of his father and, more importantly, the subjects of Britain.

King Charles believes his son lives abroad, as he once claimed. Harry’s tarnished reputation has put him in jeopardy of not fulfilling his destiny as duke of serving the kingdom. As such, the king appears to be cutting ties with his self-exiled son, especially after the tedious release of the teaser of Harry and Megan.

Prince Harry turned to father King Charles amid financial troubles

Royal pundits who previously revealed Harry’s phone calls to the late monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, had weighed their comments. To to Daniela Elser, Prince Harry begged King Charles Post the release of the Harry and Megan teasers The Duke of Sussexes undoubtedly has a variety of sources of income through various public campaigns and projects. However, sources read: “They seemed to have some money problems“.

Elser also reports in her earlier reports that the prince frequently called Queen Elizabeth II for financial support. Although the late monarch had a deep love for her grandchildren, she obviously rejected him and asked Harry to reach out to his father. Earlier reports even say that Prince Harry, who bothered the Queen during her final phase, was also one of the reasons she was worried. After her death, Harry apparently turned to his father for help.

Unfortunately, The Sun reported a few days ago that King Charles has now stopped answering the calls of his self-exiled son. Insiders now claim: “Prince Harry isn’t doing as well as people are leading us to believe.“The Duke and Duchess relinquished their royal duties to their British sovereigns in 2020. The palace’s official statement was that they are now finally independent of their royal patronage and rights. They may not receive financial aid from any member of the imperial family.

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However, nothing of the sort had ever been confirmed by the Sussexes. They are actually busy with their upcoming Bombshell Netflix docuseries, Harry and Megan. After the teaser, the trailer of the same has already started making noise in the kingdom.

What do you think of the matter? Do you think Prince Harry is really turning to The Firm for cash? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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