Prince Harry accuses ‘The Firm’ of ‘planting stories’ against wife Meghan Markle in Netflix trailer +2023

Controversy has been at an all-time high ever since Meghan Markle walked through the palace doors following her marriage to Prince Harry. Starting with highly charged issues like racism and Markle’s job as an American actress, everything was closely monitored. Coming from a diverse background in the States, unlike the British tabloids, the Duchess was all the more prone to controversy.

However, in the latest Netflix trailer release, Prince Harry went straight to the palace that he has been brewing more stories about him and his wife. As we’re just a few days away from Netflix’s highly anticipated docuseries, Harry gives a sneak peek at what we can expect from their reveal project. After comparing his wife’s life struggles to his mother’s, the father-of-two called the palace over waging a war against Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry accuses the palace of brewing stories against Meghan Markle

Seconds deep into the second look at their multi-million project, Harry allegedly blamed the palace for the hardships they’ve been subjected to by the media. The father of two started with “a family hierarchy” in which the follower showed a view of the entire royal family standing on the balcony with their front closed. He further claimed: “Stories will be leaked, but old stories will also be planted“.

As the prince pauses, legitimate speakers reveal that the palace has been at war with Markle. This is intentional to accommodate other people’s agendas, the spokesman continued. So far, not much is known about the concrete agenda. However, it is rumored to have a direct connection to his mother, Princess Diana. Like Diana, Meghan Markle brought much fame and recognition to the family.

After all, this was the first introduction of color to the palace. Reports even claim exactly what they called it Diana as unstable, they had claimed Mark as anxious and annoying. Previously, insiders even claimed that the actress is trying to implement her own ways in the palace as well. When things didn’t go the way she wanted, it obviously made her angry. Until now, no one knew how much of this is true.

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However, Harry ended the trailer and promised to deliver the full truth about the palace. The world awaits Netflix’s six-part docuseries on December 7th. What do you think?

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