Prime Video reportedly overtakes Netflix as the #1 streamer in the US +2023

This is the result of a new study by the research company Parks Associates, Netflix was defeated for the first time in years in the United States. The newly released data shares that Prime Video reports Netflix as the #1 streaming service in the US while Netflix still reigns supreme internationally meeting.

It’s unclear exactly how Parks Associates reached this conclusion, as Prime Video has kept most of its Prime statistics private. It’s worth noting that the actual “Prime” subscription is about more than just Prime Video. Prime members also get free Amazon shipping and various other discounts.

Prime Video beats Netflix in the top 10 OTT rankings in the United States

The chart, published by Parks Associates, documents the top 10 OTT streaming services in the US from 2019 to 2022. Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video have remained in the top 3 every year, but this is the first time Netflix hasn’t blown its nose has in front. Disney+ came close to cracking the top 3 this year, with Hulu and Disney+ swapping places every year since 2020.

Alongside the battle between the Big 3, Peacock also entered the top 10 for the first time, knocking Showtime out of the rankings overall.

Deadline says Amazon has more than 200 million subscribers and their new big-budget Lord of the Rings series, rings of power, was reportedly viewed by more than 100 million subscribers.

Netflix losing to Prime Video isn’t too surprising given Netflix had a tough 2022 overall.

“Netflix, meanwhile, has plateaued in the US, even losing a small number of subscribers in recent quarters. The company reported 73.4 million subscribers in the U.S. and Canada as of September 30, up 100,000 sequentially, but down from levels seen in 2021 and earlier this year,” Deadline’s article reads.

Netflix combats subscriber loss with the launch of an ad-supported plan

The company’s shares plunged a record 68% from January to April this year, sending shock waves through the company. Given the circumstances, it’s understandable why Netflix has rushed to bring its new tier, Basic Plan with Ads, to the table.

This new plan offers subscribers a much cheaper subscription at $6.99/month with advertising included. Almost all streaming services now offer an ad-supported plan, including some of Netflix’s biggest competitors like Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney+.

With so many new streaming services all vying for subscription money and viewership, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing drastic shifts in these rankings.

From Netflix’s entry into the advertising world, Jennifer Kent, Vice President of Parks Associates Research, “Netflix’s ad-supported plan gives the company an opportunity to win back subscribers who are left with high subscription prices. It also gives Netflix the ability to create unique accounts for those who have been content to share passwords with friends and family in the past. It is an exciting time to follow these services with many disruptions and changes.”

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