Prevent split ends: These 3 hairstyles help against split ends

Prevent split ends: These 3 hairstyles help against split ends +2023

Goodbye split ends! Three hairstyles that help against hair breakage

Don't want split ends?  This banana hairstyle can help.

Don’t want split ends? This banana hairstyle can help.

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Nothing is more annoying than broken ends that stick out unsightly and spoil any effort for a long mane. But it doesn’t have to come to that! With these three hairstyles you can prevent split ends and protect your hair.

Long, healthy hair – who doesn’t dream of a shiny lion’s mane like in the advertisement? What seems so natural and self-evident to us there actually requires real perseverance. It can take months to years for the hair to grow to an impressive length. And then the culprit comes around the corner, destroying every effort: split ends. Thanks to colourations, hair styling and the like, the hair can be badly damaged and break. You don’t have to do without cool hairstyles anyway. Three hairstyles with which you can counteract split ends without much effort …

1. Classic braided hairstyle

Whether it’s gesturing, driving or sleeping, we move our heads 15 times a minute on average. A – in the truest sense of the word – a real ordeal for our hair! Because movement means friction and this causes strands to break off and become brittle. The best way to get around this and protect your hair from unnecessary friction is to hold it together. With a classic peasant braid, French braid or Dutch braid, the fragile ends are covered by the surrounding hair and thus protected as a compact strand. For even more protection, use a silk hair tie.

2. The Hair Banana

For a few years now, the hair banana, which many may still know as the teacher’s memory hairstyle, has been conquering the trend lists again. And not only because the hairstyle can look super cute with the right hair clip, but also because it is extremely gentle on the mane. The twisted strands at the back of the head offer less surface for friction and pressure. The hair clip, also known as a claw clip, is gentle on the hair structure thanks to its rounded teeth and also prevents hair breakage. Already have split ends? No problem, the twist also conceals the first brittle spots.

3. Low bun

Tips lying on the shoulders in particular tend to split ends. So if you have shoulder-length hair and want to let it grow successfully, a deep bun is your anti-breakage hairstyle. The deep chignon is not only easy to twist with relatively short hair, it also exerts less force on the hair. To do this, twist the mane around itself in a strand, then twist it into a pinto at the back of the head and secure it with a hair tie without a metal piece or a soft hair clip.

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