Pedicure trends 2023: This is coming to our nails now

Pedicure trends 2023: This is coming to our nails now +2023

Spring pedicure trends We now paint our feet in a variety of ways

Pedicure trends 2023: This is coming to our nails now

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For months we hid our feet in winter boots and sneakers. Good for those who don’t like pedicures, but spring is slowly coming. You can read here which designs are in the lead this year.

The temperatures are rising and the weather is showing its good side more and more often. Summer may still be a long way off, but the anticipation for shorts and sandals is still growing. But honestly, who is already ready for the toe-free season? Don’t worry, chipped nail polish, long or crooked nails or calluses are part of the reality. Exactly the right time to ask yourself: Which pedicure trends can we look forward to in 2023?

Pedicure trends 2023: There are no limits to creativity

When it comes to feet, everyone has their preferences. Some like delicate pastel shades, others swear by red toenails, the classic. However, if you don’t want to wear the same colors over and over again, you can be inspired by three stylish pedicure trends this year.

French nails – but different

A classic has become indispensable in pedicures in recent years: French nails. This spring, however, the white nail tips are getting a little makeover. Similar to the 2023 manicure trends, where micro or metallic French are particularly popular, variations play a major role. So we say goodbye to white and pink tones and prefer a light purple as the basis for the French pedicure. For those who like it even more colourful, bright nail tips are recommended. How about the colors pink, green or a classic red?

The “Wednesday” trend has also reached our feet

As Wednesday Addams, Jenna Ortega not only took our hearts by storm, the series character triggered a real fashion and beauty hype. At the fashion weeks, the neo-gothic trend clearly dominated the catwalks of the fashion metropolises, at Louis Vuitton and Off White the black goth style was also reflected in the make-up. What is totally trendy for our clothes and face is of course also welcome on our feet, which is why dark nail polish colors are really taking off again in 2023.

Pedicure for demanding people

While black toenails are totally foolproof, the next pedicure trend is a little more savvy. In 2023 we not only try out nail art on our hands, but also show how creative we are with our feet. Small stickers and stones that are placed on the nail and fixed with a top coat are particularly beautiful. If you are particularly talented, you can also paint flower elements or imaginary shapes on the toenail with a thin brush.


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