Paula Echevarria triumphs with the most elegant French manicure for this Christmas +2023

Paula Echevarria is nailing all microtrends this Christmas season. First with Mango’s shiny jeans and also with H&M’s baggy mini dress with silver sequins. Of course, he needed to tell us what is the manicure that we want to wear on these dates of parties and celebrations. And we already have it. It’s French, but it’s not classic. A different version that has conquered us.

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The actress, who is now also a television collaborator as a jury of the program Got Talent, attended a concert by Fangoria and Nancys Rubias on Monday night with her partner, Miguel Torres. Just before, he went to his reference center for manicures and showed us the result of his new nail design

Paula Echevarría’s new French manicure

black french manicure

From what we can intuit, Paula Echevarría (like many) has signed up for semi-permanent nails. With them, in addition to getting last intact for two to three weeksyou also boast of a gel effect most beautiful and flattering.

Paula Echevarría’s choice is an elegant and modernized version of the classic French manicure. In her bet, heThe base color remains natural or nude, but the end of the nail is not made up in white. The actress opts for the color black and does so with a slightly finer and more minimalist line. A trend, that of the finest line, which has been made fashionable by some of the best-known nail influencers, including Betina Goldstein.

The French manicure in its version dark It does not surprise us at all in Paula Echevarría and even less being the time of Christmas parties in which the color black is one of the most chosen for the looks. This type of elegant and sophisticated manicure, with a point of total topicality, is perfect to combine with practically all your closet.

What nails did you wear before?

Paula Echevarria

Before wearing the French manicure with black color, Paula Echevarría wore some completely black nails. What we do see that has changed a bit is the shape of the nails. Now she has somewhat more almond-shaped and natural nails and the previous ones had a more square and angular shape.

This is another option to take into account for the holidays, although with less complication (the nail is painted in one color), the impact of black is greater. It is not a manicure suitable for discreet despite its simplicity.

Copy the nails of Paula Echevarría

French manicure in black color

Always remember the importance of taking care of both your nails and cuticles with specific treatments and oils. The enamel application formula should be:

  • base coat (to smooth and prepare the nail). In this case, we recommend Essie’s Here to Stay.
  • Color or colors chosen (always with two layers to make it perfect). In this case, we would make up the base of the nail with the Nude color from Mia Cosmetics Paris with high pigmentation and 9-Free formulation. And for the fine black line of the French, the tone. Vitry’s Black Night.
  • top coat (sealing or fixing effect and provides shine, gel style). The Extreme gel gloss from the Essence brand is a top coat with which we can achieve that permanent salon manicure-type finish, even if we do it traditionally at home.
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