P-pop group BGYO shares their style inspiration, self-care routines and the member with the best shoe game +2023

Huddled in front of a phone, the members of the P-pop boy band BGYO are the definition of casual. The relaxed looks and the calm, almost nonchalant way they introduce themselves make it hard to believe that they haven’t reached the second year of their career. However, in less than two years, the quintet has achieved a success that is exemplary of the rise of Filipino music on the global stage.

Since their official debut in 2021, the five-piece act – consisting of Gelo, Akira, JL, Mikki and Nate – have cemented their place as the next Filipino music export. Her story began with an audition for ABS-CBNs Starhunting Academy. In the end, the project brought together five young men from different walks of life under one name, which aptly stands for “Becoming the change, Going Further, You and I, Originally Filipino”.

It is mid-November when BGYO travels to New York for the first time for group activities and press events. Fresh from the successful release of her second album, be us, and despite their busy schedules, the quintet still finds mundane things to marvel at. “In the Philippines, people wear light, comfortable clothing because of the weather, but in New York, people align themselves [their wardrobe] to the season,” says the group’s rapper, Mikki Teen Vogue when asked if they take style notes during their visit to the city that never sleeps.

Chicago-born Nate, for example, observes that New Yorkers have a penchant for items like combat boots, cargo pants and technical clothing. He also reveals that after landing in the United States, he made a black bomber jacket the most reliable addition to his outfits. “I also wore it in Los Angeles,” he says, proudly showing the jacket in front of the camera. “My personal style is very easy to put on and take off. I wear comfortable clothes and work clothes. It’s influenced by Rick Owens and RM from BTS.”

John Lloyd Toreliza — who goes by the stage name JL — admits his wardrobe tends to be practical: “Personally, I like wearing street styles, and I don’t have a specific inspiration, but I’m always looking online for outfit variations,” he tells The Singer. JL’s response confirms something that cannot be overlooked about the group’s dynamic. Despite being a tight-knit bunch, all five have strikingly different personalities and preferences. It’s probably a reflection of her background diversity. For example, prior to his debut as a member of BGYO, JL competed in singing competitions.

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