Olivia Palermo has the most inspiring updo for fall guests that Italians will wear +2023

Her influence ceased to be exclusive in the field of fashion a long time ago, not only because she founded her own makeup line, but also because when it comes to choosing an outfit, there is no detail that escapes her. Olivia Palermo. These days, taking advantage of the US Open tennis celebration and that she is one of the coolest guests at the event, her ability to influence is magnified with sporty chic looks that are pure inspiration for guests who are thinking of leaving behind the classic code of beauty this fall.

Do you remember when the collected ones were hyper elaborate? Well, although Olivia Palermo’s hairstyle has the crumb to achieve it, the truth is that she has an air of sophistication far removed from the classical code. Starting with the fact that it is a ponytail and not a bow, and continuing with the finish and the glamorous touch of a bow in the middle of the ponytail, the businesswoman’s latest beauty look is very comfortable and flattering to combine with the outfits of autumn of a modern and elegant guest. Her creator Kenna (a famed stylist with salons in London and Brooklyn) has made her hairstyle the culmination of a look that’s very fitting for the occasion.

Olivia Palermo’s polished triple ponytail

With ultra-straight hair, the New York socialite has opted for an elaborate hairstyle to attend the US Open tennis held in her hometown. Of ultra polished finishFrom the front you can see her face completely bare of hair with a symmetrical division thanks to the parting in the middle of the upper part. On the sides, instead, are drawn two very clean lines of hair that overlap. In the lower layer, a sheet of hair that goes down from the top, well polished and glued to the skull. Above, a line of hair coming from the temples with the same polished effect that is joined in a multiple ponytail at half height.

The mane, therefore, is divided into three blocks: the two streams of hair that mark the neatness of the hairstyle (from above and from the sides) and a third that emerges from the center of the head and forms the main bulk of the hair. pigtail, marking the height of the horse’s tail. The latter is the first to be collected and, despite the fact that the hair tends to fall backwards, it is combed so that the Average height lean down. The other two blocks of hair are added above and below the main ponytail and combed in a downward direction.

Olivia Palermo's updo m

Olivia Palermo’s most inspiring up-do for autumn guests.Instagram @oliviapalermo

Finally, the three sections are joined in a single source of hair thanks to the hairstyle’s star accessory: a long, flashy black bow that matches perfectly with her dress. It is a complement that elevates the hairstyle, allowing its finish to be much more chic and glamorous. The style tip, as Olivia Palermo teaches us, is to make a maxi bow, open and ostentatious in the middle of the ponytail, whose band ends up equaling in length at the end of the ponytail.

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