Nuria Roca, with wide pants and a bright sweater, marks the most comfortable and elegant look of winter +2023

Nuria Roca has had a busy weekend after receiving the third Golden Antenna of his career in TV. The presenter was once moved by this recognition of her work on the small screen. “It will be 30 years since I put myself in front of a camera for the first time, 30 years dedicating myself to what I like the most, television, communication, fiction, telling stories after all… 30 years in which that there has been everything, most of it good, the bad I forget… from presenting three different programs a week to not being given any, from being everywhere to stopping being there and being there again, there is time to succeed now fail a lot of times…, when you learn that you enjoy this profession much more, which is wonderful”, he said on his Instagram profile.

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Last Sunday, once again, he took charge of his program The rock in the Sixth. Four hours of live entertainment in which she enjoys and gives the best of herself. We saw her especially favored with one of those looks that women of over 50 years. Those who want a trendy look that flatters them, but also allows them to be comfortable. And to all this we add the need for inspiration for christmas plans: meals with colleagues, with childhood friends, with family

Nuria Roca’s look

Nuria Roca
The sixth

His secret (not so secret) formula? Some wide leg joggers in a dark color combined with a loose-fitting gray sweater with glitter and heeled sandals with a nude platform. It looks complicated, but it works perfectly.

eye to Nuria Roca’s trick to mark the waist tucking the jersey inside the front part of the pants. It is important considering that the two garments are wide.

We copied the formula: shiny sweater and wide joggers

Look of Nuria Roca

We make it super easy for you. If you are looking for a sophisticated and 100% comfortable look, the key is in these garments. Nuria Roca inspires us with her way of dressing and we bring you what you need to emulate her outfit:

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