Nuria Roca, the most chic at home with the comfy look of a sweatshirt and Converse that make her taller +2023

Nuria Roca is enjoying a different bridge. She, who never stops for a second, is “forced” to stay at home after catching Covid again and has taken a breather from her daily chores, which are not few, to recover. But hey, this It is not incompatible with being divine at home. The presenter has shared a gallery with several photos in her famous hall in which she appears with a look that gives us various ideas for teleworking or making day-to-day plans in comfort and style.

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Nuria Roca has combined basic, wide black pants, which could well be pajamas but could be perfectly replaced by any other knitted, jogger or tracksuit, with a wide printed sweatshirt.

the journalist She is an expert in wearing wide garments without adding sizes and in a youthful way beyond 50. His trick is to opt for clothes with a lot of drape, flowing and wear the top part partly tucked into the pants to mark his silhouette.

Nuria Roca

Your footwear is also important. To be at home and not be in pajamas and slippers, which is fine for one day but is very demoralizing if it is daily, Nuria Roca has opted for the most comfortable and coolest of all shoes, Converse. In her case, some Converse with a few centimeters of platform that make us taller and help us look more stylized.

Nuria Roca’s Converse are the most rejuvenating

This is the Converse Run Star Hike High Top model in black and they have the perfect balance between the firm’s most classic style and a more avant-garde twist, but equally wearable, versatile and cool. Nuria Roca has also worn them with jeans and they also look great with a dress, a skirt or whatever! Best of all is that They have a perfect height to be comfortable but feel very slim.

Converse Run Stark Hike
Converse, €110

The best thing about these Converse is that they have an irresistible modern point and that they rejuvenate any look, which is why they have become one of the most desired models among women over 50.

Nuria Roca

As for ways to combine them to be just as comfortable and stylish as Nuria Roca at homewe give you more ideas:

  • With baggy jeans and t-shirts or soft knit sweaters.
  • With chubby tracksuit with rubberized bottoms to see you more stylized.
  • In a loose and flowing knitted dress.
  • Another ideal comfy look is leggings and an oversize sweater.
  • And of course with all kinds of jogger-style pants and cotton sweatshirts.

Surely you have some of these clothes and accessories already in your closet, you just have to combine it with a little eye to look just as great as Nuria Roca even at home. And looking just as stylish in Instagram photos of her, of course…

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