Notice that Jenna Ortega doesn’t blink in “Wednesday”? Here’s why +2023

Jenna Ortega has gone viral after the long-awaited series Wednesday arrived on Netflix. The eldest daughter of the Addams Family takes the stage in the death-loving title role. This show broke all the records of the English-language series and attracted the attention of viewers. Fans can’t stop raving about this young star’s performance. She’s blowing up the internet right now, whether it’s her amazing dance sequence or her sword fight.

The eight-episode Netflix series has fans in love and obsessed with this pale-skinned girl. Her dark fashions and terribly shocking views on death are something we’ve never heard before. The Scream Queen presented this character so authentically and attractively that even her sadistic tendencies and penchant for torture were loved by viewers. But there’s something impressive that you might have missed in your role-playing game.

Why didn’t Jenna Ortega blink on Wednesday?

In a new tweet shared by Netflix’s official account, it was revealed that Jenna Ortega didn’t flash throughout the show. Your stare inside Wednesday made her iconic character more impactful because this unnatural trait made people uncomfortable.

The caption described how director Tim Burton just tried this no-blink idea in one scene and it just turned out so awesome that the actress didn’t blink afterwards. This creative improvisation certainly made her character look more pessimistic and added a spark to her dark personality.

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While each adaptation brings a new angle to longtime cult figures like Wednesday Addams, this Netflix series has revealed some hidden aspects of this gothic teenager. From choosing the costume to the hairstyle to revealing her emotional side, Ortega put a stamp on the character.

Meanwhile in a recent Interview, Jenna Ortega spoke candidly about how she wanted this adaptation to be unique. At the same time, she wanted to keep the core of this character alive, so she didn’t discuss anything with former cast member Christina Ricci.

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Wednesday is currently streaming on Netflix now. As horror fans eagerly await the show’s continuation for Season 2, check out the blood-soaked dance sequence. And tell us what you think in the comments section.

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