North West shows us her skincare routine in the latest GRWM on TikTok +2023

North West is our modern vlog queen and her Get ready with me video is proof of that. The 9-year-old is unsurprisingly everyone’s favorite social media influencer, possibly even rivaling her mother, Kim Kardashian. North from the jump has dabbled in fashion styling and hair tutorials, and now we’re getting the full extent of what it’s like to wake up and get ready in a Kardashian household (minus all the cameras and editing).

North starts her video as cheerful as ever in vacation pajamas and a cheetah-print headband, uses her mom’s skincare brand Skkkn, and then Vitamasques Electrolyte Watermelon Dace Sheet Mask. Though still very young and far from wrinkled, Northie is light years ahead of all of us when it comes to thorough skin care.

After her skincare routine, North wraps up her beauty moment by brushing her teeth with Aunt Kendall Jenner’s Rose Mint toothpaste. North is committed to supporting her family’s latest ventures by blessing them with free #sponsored content!

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Now we’re not getting a quick tutorial on the sleek ponytail she’s pulling together, but fret not as North has graced us with one before. And last but not least, fashionista North shows us her #OOTD – a graphic white t-shirt and black jeans – which is very trendy for her.

North West has really grown into a person of its own. As we saw in the last episode of The Kardashians North is enjoying the spotlight on Hulu, but definitely on her own terms. We caught the behind-the-scenes moment of the viral runway show from the front row as North holds up a sign that reads “Stop.” We learned North thought it would be fun and decided to take a short walk outside the building with Grandma Kris Jenner to see all the paparazzi calling her name outside of the Balenciaga show in Paris. Kim says it’s all fun for North and she laughs about it.

The young influencer always makes us work while she watches her notoriously sped-up videos. But alas, we have gathered nearly all the products (and some lookalikes) she used in her last TikTok:

Vitamasques Electrolyte Watermelon Face Mask

Moon Kendall Jenner Rose Mint Whitening Toothpaste

Crest Scope Get fresh mouthwash

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