Netflix’s You People: Trailer, Cast, Release Date +2023

The first trailer for Netflix’s star-studded You People rom-com has finally arrived. The Kenya Barris-directed comedy stars Eddie Murphy, Jonah Hill, Lauren London and Nia Long in a Guess Who-meets-Meet the Fockers scenario where cultures clash over an impending marriage proposal.

In the film’s trailer, released December 5, Ezra von Hill has an intense meeting with Murphy’s Akbar and Long’s Fatima to ask permission to marry their daughter Amira (London). However, the doting parents are not exactly receptive to marrying off their black daughter to a strange white man they barely know. “So, do you hang out in the hood all the time, or do you just come here for our food and our women?” Murphy asks bluntly in the clip.

Excitement for You People mounted earlier this year when first-look photos from the film went viral on social media — in part because of the stacked cast of comedy legends and well-known stars. Based on Barris’ track record (‘Black-ish’, ‘#BlackAF’, 2019’s ‘Shaft’, ‘Coming 2 America’), viewers will definitely have a lot to laugh about in his upcoming film.

Read everything we know about “You People” ahead of time, including when it will stream on Netflix.

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