Nail Foil: Manicured nails at a bargain price +2023

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Nails like after the manicure

Nail Foil: Manicured nails at a bargain price

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Nail foils are not only practical, but also easy to use. With them you get nails like from a professional manicure – and nobody will notice the difference.

Who doesn’t want beautiful nails? If they are painted, they not only see neater out, they give our hands extra too elegance. But sometimes it just takes too long to apply nail polish, everyday life just doesn’t allow you to get your nails done quickly. But what nail polish can’t do, nail foils are all the better at.

What are nail wraps?

With the help of nail foil, painting your fingernails is a thing of the past. No running, no painting over, no drying for hours – a nail foil offers a number of advantages. Especially if you struggle with the precision when varnishing, but you don’t want to hike to the manicure every week, nail foils are the solution perfect alternative. Finally you just stick them on your nail and seal the whole thing with a top coat. The nail is finished like a professional manicure!

Which nail foil is the best?

There are now many nail foils on the market, but not all of them keep what they promise. Some don’t look high quality enough, some don’t last long on nails, and still others only offer a limited range of colors. So which nail foils are recommended?

Cruelty free and vegan

For several years we have experienced a change in terms of cosmetics. We pay attention to natural ingredients and ensure that the cosmetics are tested and approved without animal testing. A product that meets these criteria is this Miss Sophie nail foil set. Included in the pack 24 ultra-thin stripsyou can choose between 16 colorsincluding color gradients like the famous baby boomer look.

Large color selection

If you want even more color and, above all, like it colorful, you can go with the Clara Cosmetics Nail Foils well served. The 17 different tones of the foils radiate true joie de vivre and are intended to 14 days on the nails hold. Included are total 25 self-adhesive foils, which you can use up to four times each on short nails. So not only do you always have beautiful nails, but you also save a lot of money, because the nail foils are very expensive at 9.99 euros cheap.

long stop

A long hold is not always given with nail polish. No matter how carefully you work and use a good top coat. After a good five days, the paint usually crumbles off and leaves our hands looking unkempt. The 26th Nail Strips by Maniko are with 14 days long-lasting and ensure a smooth finish on the nails. In addition, the slides from Maniko are also No animal testing, vegan and free from harmful substances such as parabens, silicones and formaldehyde. The only drop of bitterness: the choice of colors is rather small with four different tones.

How do I use nail foil correctly?

You can’t do much wrong with nail foils and the application itself is self-explanatory. Of course, we are still happy to provide you with step-by-step instructions for the first use:

  1. Step 1: Shape your nails into the right shape. It doesn’t matter whether it’s round, oval, square or pointed. The foils can be used on any nail shape.
  2. Step: Once the nails are formed, the next step is cleaning the nail. To do this, wash your hands with soap and use nail polish remover on your nails to wipe any oil off them so the foil can stick better.
  3. Step: Now it’s time to glue. Cut the nail foil according to your nail bed and put the sticky side on your nail. Now gently press the foil onto the nail.
  4. Step 1: Cut off the overhanging foil and file it vertically with a glass nail file so that the foil nestles against your nail.
  5. Step: Seal the whole thing with a top coatso that the manicured look lasts all the longer.

How do I remove the nail foil from my nails?

Nail wraps are easy to remove. You only need one for that acetone-free nail polish remover and cotton pads. Put the remover on the pads, and then wrap them one by one around your nails. Let it work for a few minutes and then remove any residue with the cotton pads.

As an alternative, you can also do one beforehand Peel off base coat use, which allows you to simply peel off the foils to remove them later. But walk both steps cautious beforehand, so that the nails are not overly strained.

Is nail foil harmful to my nails?

That depends entirely on the nail, how it reacts to the foil. If your nails are rather brittle, soft and sensitive, we recommend a base coat, which you can use to protect your nails from the glue. It is too aggressive for some nail types. Base coats have the advantage that they not only protect the nail from strong color pigments like red nail polish, but also the nail strengthen can through appropriate ingredients. For example, a good choice is the Micro Cell Nail Repair 2000which restores the protein molecules in the horny layer and thus makes the nails more resistant.

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