My City, my Style: Fashion Editor Reveals Why She Loves New York Style

My City, my Style: Fashion Editor Reveals Why She Loves New York Style +2023

My City, My Style New York: This is what makes the style of the city so special

My City, My Style: New York: This is what makes the city's style so special

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We all have a city where we simply feel at home in terms of fashion. For fashion editor Linda, it’s definitely New York. What excites you about the style of New York women…

Hello Upper East Siders. It’s me — no, not Gossip Girl, it’s Linda … But, admittedly, since the first episode “Gossip Girl” I’ve realized that New York has its own unique charm. The Big Apple is chic, loud and colorful in many places, but so quiet and relaxed in others. He is sometimes snooty, but also open-minded, cosmopolitan and individual. And all this is also reflected in fashion.

New York: This is where the trends originate

New Yorkers are at the source: they are lucky enough to live in THE fashion capital at all. Because before the rest of the world gets going, Fashion Weeks start in New York City in February and September. All labels of rank and name present their collections in over 50 main shows – and New Yorkers take advantage of this home advantage and integrate the individual trends into their wardrobes. Even at first glance it is clear: you are not afraid to combine designers, colors and patterns. And that’s what makes it so appealing: New Yorkers dare to try new seasonal trends, but also remain true to themselves.

The styles live from different influences

Of course, the city is not only characterized by haute couture. The style is diverse and multicultural. While things tend to be preppy and elegant on the Upper East Side, a different fashion wind is blowing in Brooklyn or Soho. On the agenda? A casual chic with influences from different subcultures. Musical currents are also very prominent here: coarse and dark grunge, playful folk music or country style (keyword: cowboy boots!!!). The New Yorkers know how to appropriate these styles. Whether one alone or several mixed – it doesn’t matter to them.

When urban micro trends and luxury fashion meet

Because New Yorkers can make use of an enormous fashion potpourri, they like to dance with their decisions on the edge of a break in style. Designer bags, yes! But the jute bag from the pretzel start-up next door is also carried. The skirt from the thrift store, the necklace from a local Instagram user and the sweater from the designer. It’s all in the mix! Whether New York women wear joggers with corsages, or hoodies with mini dresses and western boots: They break with common conventions and invite you to rethink fashion.

For work it becomes casual after all

Despite the many styles, the New Yorkers keep it simple for work: comfortable, casual — but an eye-catcher shouldn’t be missing either. They follow one theme: casual elegance. All Black? A way of life for New Yorkers in the stressful everyday work! You can’t go wrong with monochrome looks and statement accessories in the fashion capital. Especially when you go out with your colleagues after work.

The best robe is brought out at the weekend

Just because New Yorkers don’t do an extra round in front of their closets after work doesn’t mean they don’t up the ante on a few styling shovels at the weekend. Because the big city ladies know how to present themselves perfectly for special occasions. The motto? More, more and again more! Little black? Boring! They want to feel like movie stars at the premiere of a blockbuster! How about a maxi dress and feather boa? And high heels; they are definitely in competition with the skyscrapers with their heels. It doesn’t matter whether it’s to the theater or the nearest bar, this is where the New Yorkers bring out their most extravagant clothes. And everyone is watching! And you? enjoy the show


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