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Michael Keaton71, and his longtime girlfriend Marnie Turner appeared on Friday for a romantic dinner date in the Los Angeles, California area. The actor and his partner showed their close bond by holding hands outside Italian restaurant Toscana, where they enjoyed their meal. He wore a gray jacket over a black top with a white t-shirt underneath, tan pants and tan shoes, while she wore a gray sweater, loose gray pants and white sneakers.

Michael Keaton, Marni Turner
Michael and Marni during their date night. (MEGA)

The couple also accessorized their outfits with additional items. His paired with black-rimmed glasses and hers paired with earrings and a necklace. He also appeared to be holding his phone for some time and neither of them looked at the cameras.

Michael Keaton, Marni Turner
Another snap of Michael and Marni demonstrating a PDA. (MEGA)

Michael and Marni’s appearance comes after he made headlines with his long-awaited role as Bruce Wayne Beyond Batman Foil was scrapped according to restructuring and cost-cutting measures colliders. However, he is still willing to reprise the same role in the upcoming film The Lightning in six months. The film is directed by brought Andy Pussettiand it will also star actor Ezra Miller as Barry Allen/The Flash.

Michael’s steady career is very similar to his romance with Marni. The pair have reportedly been romantically linked for six years but have kept their relationship very private. However, before Marni came into his life, Michael was married Caroline McWilliamswho died in 2010.

This isn’t the first time Michael and Marni have been photographed together. Already in 2020 they were seen get groceries and even dressed similarly. In Sept. 2022 he also brought Marni to him Emmy Awards and she looked radiant in a long sleeveless white dress. They were seated together at a table looking as happy as could be as he was accepted for his role as Dr. Samuel Finnix in the Hulu series Emmy-winning Lead Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie IntoxicatedHe kissed the blonde beauty.

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