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Expressions like “sulphate-free shampoos” or “pH neutral shampoo” are something of the most recurring in cosmetic vocabularies, however, we are not always very clear about what it refers to and that is why we are there, to see what it is and what options we can find on the market, from those of Mercadona to many others.

Mercadona's retinol serum costs less than 6 euros and is already one of its star cosmetics
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So, as regards the neutral pH it is necessary to start from the base that the pH (potential of hydrogen) is a measure indicating acidity, alkalinity or neutrality of a certain substance on a scale from 1 to 14, the first being the most acidic, the last being the most basic or alkaline and, therefore, the neutral point is found in the center on 7.

Thus, when we have a shampoo labeled as Neutral pH, means that it will be around that 7.0, but always taking into account the characteristics of the area to be treated, since it must be taken into account that while the pH of our skin is generally between 4.5 – 5.5, that of our scalp is generally between 4-7.

Choosing well and adapted to our needs is important since a high pH can be very aggressive because it is very alkaline, which can lead to opening the cuticle and eliminating natural oils from the hair, while those with a very low pH imply more acidity.

as far as Mercadona shampoos It refers, and we are informed from the supermarket chain, that all shampoos have a neutral pH suitable for the skin and scalp (4.5 -6.0), except shampoos from the Anti-dandruff line, the shine shampoo (Be Radiant) and the Natural that have another PH by the type of composition they wear, but all of them are for daily use.

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Therefore, if we are looking for a shampoo that moves in that neutral pH range, any of the options outside of those mentioned that have special qualities is good, such as the Zero Shampoo, which undoubtedly leaves hair super clean for 1.95 euro.

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If you are not convinced, we also have other options that we find on Amazon such as the Valquer Professional Revitalizing Shampoo with Neutral pH and Pro-Vitamin B5 that revitalizes and keeps hair clean as well as hydrated and nourished, with that, a neutral pH and a great price since it has 1000 ml. of 6.66 euros.

Valquer Professional Revitalizing Shampoo with Neutral pH and Pro-Vitamin B5 - 1000 ml

Valquer Professional Revitalizing Shampoo with Neutral pH and Pro-Vitamin B5 – 1000 ml

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With a pH of 5.5 we have the shampoo of sebamed which is very soft to achieve healthy hair and with a price of 10.90 euros.

Sebamed Ultra-soft Shampoo for Healthy Hair - 200 ml

Sebamed Ultra-soft Shampoo for Healthy Hair – 200 ml

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And another option with a ph 5 is the one we find in the shampoo Dermo Capillaire Ph5 of Eucerin which is a safe bet. Its price is 7.95 euros

Eucerin Dermo Capillaire Ph5

Eucerin Dermo Capillaire Ph5

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