Meghan Markle, who has an infamously sour bond with Kate Middleton, once shared a sweet kiss with Prince William +2023

Everyone is familiar with the aggravating amount of controversy that swirls around the UK royal family. So after the recent mishaps that have left many scattered relationships, it might seem difficult to imagine Prince William and Meghan Markle in the same frame. However, it has happened in the past. During Prince Harry and Markle’s engagement, the future in-laws got along as best they could.

Amid rising tensions between the brothers and their feuding wives, the Waleses and Sussexes have faced each other on a number of occasions in recent months. The end of 2022 has started a fire between the two families. However, during this ongoing Cold War, it’s time to return to where it all was a distant nightmare for the family. Did you know that Prince William and Meghan Markle once publicly shared a sweet moment in front of their British subjects?

Prince William and Meghan Markle once shared a heartwarming moment in public

Back in 2018, the bride-to-be and older brother shared a warm hug, followed by a quick kiss on the cheek at Westminster Abbey. The family had gathered with its core and later members to mark Anzac Day. Just before the entrance to the memorial service hall, Prince William and Meghan Markle happened to cross paths. The two future in-laws greeted each other with a hello followed by a sweet gesture witnessed by all present.

Although their current tie hangs by a thread, the future king and duchess once had a lovely relationship. In fact, Prince William delivered some sweet words to Markle at their first Royal Foundation event together. “I’m particularly excited to be attending our first Royal Event with Meghan,‘ said the Prince of Wales said. Thereafter, before things began to go south, the four had frequently put up a unified front on many occasions.

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Unfortunately, things between the four have never been the same as they used to be. Two years after Prince Harry Markle tied the knot, the two renounced the royal family and settled in the United States. The reasons they’ve aired the mainstream through their recently released bombshell documentary, Harry & Megan. The six-part documentary is currently streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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