Meghan Markle mistaken for Megan Fox, manager tells hilarious incident +2023

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The heated tensions of recent events have fueled many rumors about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Amid extreme controversy and speculation, the Duchess of Sussex appears to be mired in fresh confusion among the masses. The mother of two shares her first name with prominent figures in the United States. Pop star Megan Thee Stallion and American actress Megan Fox are two of the most famous names in the West.

The name Meghan has apparently led people to believe she’s not the Duchess of Sussex but one of those two. During a phone call, the 41-year-old only spoke to Meghan, which caused a stir on the internet. Shannon Keith shared the same story, telling the crowds how she couldn’t figure out who she was talking to after a 30-minute phone call with the Duchess. The former is a US animal rights attorney that Markle recently called.

Meghan Markle had asked for a beagle to the rescue center

The conversation left the speaker hilariously perplexed as she couldn’t make out who she was talking to. When you’re in America, the word Meghan strikes three different chords in the brain. Something similar happened to the Beagle Freedom owner when she had a phone conversation with the Duchess. Markle reportedly discussed the process of adopting a seven-year-old beagle from the canine center. As soon suits Alum said the LA dog rescue owner had to ask himself, “Is that Megan Fox?“.

Keith opened up about the same thing in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. She also revealed that Harry and Meghan adopted one of 4,000 beagles rescued last year. The cute little beagle was named Mamma Mia Daily Mail. According to the conversation, Markle didn’t want a Christmas puppy like most people do. The Duchess was more interested in the elderly.


Mia was a complement to her other pet who is also a beagle named Guy. The Sussexes also have a Labrador they affectionately call Pula. In fact, the reports also say the Montecito-based couple also own chickens they rescued from a factory farm.

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What are your thoughts on Meghan Markle getting mixed up with Megan Fox? How did you like Harry and Meghan’s obsession with their pets? do you have one too

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