Meghan Markle compares meeting Queen Elizabeth II to a medieval dinner in Harry & Meghan +2023

Most of the new Netflix documentary Harry & Megan Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship has been in a relatively serious tone since they first met in 2016. Directly commenting on things like the sensational media coverage and the racist attacks against Meghan in the three available episodes, the pair keep the mood of it all polished and genuine. However, there is one moment that stands out from the rest and that is Meghan’s narration of the moment she first met Queen Elizabeth II, which she loves to feature in…Medieval Times?!?

“It wasn’t a big moment like ‘And now you’re meeting my grandmother,'” says Meghan. “I didn’t realize I was going to meet her until shortly before.” As a result, Meghan was surprised by the fact that she had to curtsey to her future grandmother-in-law when she was told Queen Elizabeth II was having lunch with Meghan and Harry at the Royal Lodge near Windsor Castle.

“I remember we were in the car and he was like, ‘You know how to curtsey, don’t you?’ And I just thought it was a joke,” she says.

“How do you explain that to people?” Harry adds. “How do you explain bowing to your grandmother? … That’s funny.”

“Americans will understand, we have Medieval Times, dinner and tournament, it was like this. I curtseyed like I was like -‘ Meghan then flaunts her arms and bows, holding them for a moment while Harry looks off camera, and then finishes by saying, ‘Your pleasure to meet, Your Majesty!”

It’s impossible to tell if Harry is as tickled by this comparison as Meghan (I suspect the reference is lost for him – do we really think Harry saw it? The cable guy? — and that Harry has never eaten anywhere where cutlery is only provided on request), his face is hard to read as she finishes her dramatic rendition of the meeting, but Harry later adds that his entire family is impressed by Meghan was when she met her.

“I didn’t know what I was doing,” she admits, but despite it all, Harry explains that Meghan made a great first impression on everyone in the family, despite her lack of Knicks experience.

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