Megan Fox and MGK’s nail polish brand collab +2023

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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly merge again. The pair have previously acted together and walked countless red carpets, but now they’re getting into the beauty business: Fox just released a collection for Kelly’s nail polish brand Un/Dn Laqr. Both stars appear in the characteristically steamy campaign, and the collaboration is inspired by their shared love of crystals.

The collection consists of two box sets with different gemstone polishes. The Big Bang Set ($56) includes three polishes: Past Life, a royal blue; Deep Breath, an iridescent glitter; and Brutal Honesty, an emerald green similar to Fox’s two-stone engagement ring. Meanwhile, the Play With Fire Set ($90) includes the aforementioned polishes, plus three more: Twin Flame, a ruby ​​red; Third Eye, a lavender polish; and the Nothing (Matte)rs Top Coat, which is, yes, matte.

In a campaign photo, Fox can be seen clutching Kelly’s tattooed neck. Her stiletto acrylics are painted in Brutal Honesty while Kelly has a Past Life manicure. Both before and after releasing his line last year, Kelly has become known for his intricate nail art. In fact, Kelly and Fox were chained by the pinky nail at the Un/Dn Laqr launch party.

Watch the full campaign and buy Fox’s two sets for Un/Dn Laqr.

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