Matte lipstick: 3 long-lasting products +2023

Long stop without getting lost? A matte lipstick is the best choice. We have selected the top 3 for you.

A matte lipstick that survives eating, drinking, laughing, talking and even kissing – you haven’t found it yet? No problem, because we have set out to find the best products that suit every skin tone. After all, red isn’t always red, and pink or brown doesn’t suit everyone. What you should pay attention to and how best to apply the lipstick for a really long-lasting look, we’ll tell you now!

What distinguishes a matte from other lipsticks is the naturalness. Even with intense colors, such as red or berry tones, the lips do not appear artificially made-up, as can be the case with lipsticks with a pearlescent shine or a glossy look. That’s why matte lipstick is also suitable perfect for everyday life and is therefore also an absolute beauty trend.

The perfect care before application

Applying lipstick requires a certain skill. A quick glance in the mirror, turning on the lipstick and then simply applying it to the lips, as we know it from commercials – the reality is different. Because if you don’t care for your lips before applying matte lipstick, they can quickly appear chapped. Therefore we recommend first one peeling Use to rid the lips of dead skin cells.

By the way, you can too make it yourself with oil – olive or coconut oil – and coffee grounds or sugar. Simply mix together a dime-sized piece of oil and as much of the sugar or coffee grounds. The DIY peeling is ready. One thing you should definitely note: Gently exfoliate your lips and don’t work the product into your skin too much. Otherwise cracks can occur very quickly, which means that a lipstick would not even be worthwhile.

After that follows the carefor which you your conventional lip balm can use. Leave it on for at least five minutes before gently dabbing it off with a cloth. If you don’t have one on hand adhoc, you can use your moisturizer as an alternative.

Now your lips are ready to be made up. Which color you choose also depends on your personal preferences, of course. the Classic nude tones are always a good choice as lipstick. But matt is not only possible in nude, but also in so many other tones. We will show you which of them suit your skin type best.

Matte Lipstick: Light skin tone

Do you have a light skin tone? Then we also recommend in the lipstick color in the bright area to stay. A delicate complexion otherwise quickly appears hardened if the lips are made up too dark. Colors that match your skin tone are:

  • coral red
  • pastel pink
  • rosewood
  • Mauve

Important: When choosing a lipstick, you should also pay attention to whether your skin has a pink touch or is more yellowish/olive. In particular, red tones that are too yellowish create an uneven image with a pink skin tone and do not make the red look fresh. In this case, it is better to choose a lipstick that is in the blue-purple range on the color scale. If you have an olive undertone in your skin, it is best to use a pen that is in the warm tones of the scale – i.e. yellow and orange. In this case, coral red is the ideal color for a fresh look.

Matte Lipstick: Medium skin tone

If you have a medium skin tone, you are the fewest limits. You can also use colors that don’t go perfectly with your skin color in the first place, such as rosewood. This tone has a different effect on you than on fair skin types, where the lipstick stands out more, while on you it looks more like a nude tone. the ideal colors for your skin color are the following:

  • magenta
  • cherry red
  • nougat
  • violet violet

Lipstick matte: Dark skin tone

For dark skin tones you can to stronger colors to grab. This applies not only to the red tones, but also to the color areas purple, pink and brown. We women don’t need a lot of lipsticks, just the right ones. But that’s easier said than done. To give you an idea of ​​what tones suit your skin tone, we suggest the following:

  • aubergine
  • fawn
  • mahogany
  • Burgundy / Bordeaux

From regular lipstick to matte

We all know it: At home, around 20 lipsticks are eagerly waiting to be used. However, most of them establish themselves as pretty decorations over time and are sorted out again after a few years. The reasons for not using it vary, sometimes it’s the color and sometimes it’s the consistency. Many lipsticks add too much glamor to everyday life with their slight sheen, so that the make-up quickly looks overloaded. But there is one great way how you can make each of your lipsticks suitable for everyday use and turned into a matte lipstick.

For this you need your lipstick, a cosmetic tissue and a transparent powder.

You can proceed as follows:

  • Step 1: You start with the primer, i.e. the care.
  • Step 2: After that, the lip liner comes into play to prevent the lipstick color from bleeding. With it you gently trace the contours of your lips. If you want to make them look a bit more voluminous, then place the liner above the edge of the lips and draw along the shape. To create a smooth transition to the lipstick, let the liner run out towards the middle of the lip. This doesn’t create a look that could easily come from the 90s.
  • Step 3: Now comes the lipstick, which should blend in with the lip liner. To do this, you carefully work your way along the liner with the pen. You can also dab the lipstick on your lips for a subtle finish.
  • Step 4: So that you can remove the slight shimmer of the pencil, the cosmetic tissue is now used, with which you dab over your lips to absorb the wax in the lipstick.
  • Step 5: This step is not a must, but it can still help with “matting”. To do this, place a facial tissue over your lips, take a broad brush, dip it in the transparent powder and dab this powder onto the cloth, which sort of filters the powder particles. In this way, you not only strengthen the lipstick, but also give it a natural look without the lips looking powdered.

So the lipstick lasts longer

The hold of a lipstick not only depends on the ingredients, but also on the preparation. As already mentioned, prior care is essential with matte lipstick so that the lips do not dry out or look chapped. What you can do for extra hold is powder. And before applying the lip color. Because the powder ensures that that excess fat of the lip balm is removed which is why the product, in this case the lipstick, stays on the lips better. A similar procedure is used with nail polish, in which the nail is first freed from dirt and grease with nail polish remover before the polish is applied so that the polish lasts longer. Because fat, whether on the skin or nails, ensures that the product breaks down more quickly. Tip: In order not to deprive the lips of all moisture, take only a little powder on the brush and dab it gently onto your lips.

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