Masked Kanye West starts Meme Fest for Twitterati with his “Hitler” remark in interview with Alex Jones +2023

No one has informed fans that Kanye West is taking a break from rapping for equally quick controversy. Oh! We forgot that the rapper didn’t have a chance to do so as he’s been suspended from all major social media platforms. In another strange turn of events, Elon Musk, who welcomed Kanye West with open arms to his Twitter now wearing a shiny “freedom of speech” badge, has the rapper’s account suspended for inciting violence and disregarding guidelines. Ye added an interview with Alex Jones to the headlines he’s been making prominently in recent months.

When Kanye West mimicked Kim Kardashian’s 2021 Balenciaga look in a live stream with notorious comic book theorist Alex Jones, audiences knew full well things were going south. But it actually went north to praise Germany’s former fascist leader, responsible for the murder of sixty million Jews. However, this is not Yes’s first exposure to anti-Semitism. And fans on Twitter only knew one way to deal with the situation, and that was to make memes.

Not at Super Bowl Fest, but Kanye West is performing at Meme Fest

The rapper firmly believes that we are silenced and manipulated. And he talked about it again in the Interview. The interview ranged from Kanye West praising Hitler to impersonating Joe Biden on live television while wearing a black mask. And viewers could not help but ask themselves two very important questions.

First, is Kanye West’s music really good enough to accept? And second, how is it No child is left behind Will the rapper’s manager deal with this mess? The interview spawned numerous memes aside from disbelief.

At this point, it’s very obvious that Kanye West may not be in his right mind.

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Many fans have pointed out that the internet is driving a mentally ill person to the abyss by calling them to live shows instead of getting treatment.

Ye fans in particular are very concerned about the singer’s well-being. In recent weeks, the rapper has caught up with Donald Trump and claims the former President of the United States yelled at him over dinner. And the rapper has also launched his campaign.

Do you think Kanye West can be President? Let us know in the comments below.

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