Maribel Verdú joins the mix that triumphs among those over 50 with the most style +2023

As soon as we have seen Maribel Verdú’s latest look, we couldn’t help but share it with you. It seems to us one of those proposals that exuding style, comfortable to wear and that it has some modern details that are succeeding between 50 this season.

Virginia Troconis's dressy faux leather culottes look great with heeled boots

The actress has joined the mix of flat boots and a flowing skirt with a flattering outfit with which she has enjoyed a day off on the beach. We analyze it below so you can see that is full of virtues. And we copied the idea!

Maribel Verdú’s flat over-the-knee boots

Now that we are at the moment of giving all the prominence to the boots, it has been inevitable for us to look in which Maribel Verdú has led. It is a type of versatile shoe, easy to wear and perfect for both off-road days and relaxed days. This is something that these musketeer boots achieve thanks to its black color, very easy to combine, to its high cane, since they are flat. Pure comfort! And they have a cane touch that we love thanks to its sole. Because the black boots that the actress has worn add up to the trend of the track solethat toothed sole that has a good grip and also exudes personality.

Maribel Verdu

The trend boots for Autumn/Winter 2022-2023

We take this opportunity to remind you of the Autumn/Winter 2022-2023 boot trends. In addition to those by Maribel Verdú, there are other options that also they will elevate your looks to the top.

  • Musketeer boots. Very high and above the knee. They are the novelty of the season and we will take them in all their versions.
  • Cowboy boots. The boho style is one of the great trends of the moment and cowboy boots are the perfect footwear to complete this type of look.
  • Boots with track sole. From the chelsea type to the models only suitable for the most daring.
  • Platform boots. They are worn with platform and XXL heel.
  • Military boots. They have become a timeless basic and they have been on the top for several seasons.

How Maribel Verdú has combined her flat boots

Going back to Maribel Verdú’s flat boots, we have to confess that we love how you combined them. These are super versatile boots because they look good with pants, dresses, skirts… With what you want! And she has left an impeccable idea by wearing them with a flowing and patterned skirt that has everything to succeed.

  • The IKKS skirt that Maribel Verdú has worn is super pretty, thank you to its floral print and its colors. It favors a lot thanks to it is fluid and does not mark anything. His flight gives him a movement that looks great.
  • In addition, Maribel Verdú has managed to finish off her look with style and without losing modern touches. As part of the top He has worn a basic black sweater and a denim jacket. In this way, he has left a casual proposal at the same time that he has wasted a lot of style. We copied it now!

We copied the look of Maribel Verdú’s flat boots and skirt

So that you can imitate Maribel Verdú’s proposal, below We copied the look. You are going to be super favored!

over the knee boots
The English Court (REF-001003075403182)
IKKS skirt
IKKS (REF-BV27025-54)
denim jacket
The English Court (REF-001099000400012)
black t-shirt
The English Court (REF-001023877300014)
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