Mariah Carey joins Peloton’s Cody Rigsby for the LOL Cody class +2023

Mariah Carey performs at LOL Cody with Cody Rigsby at Peloton Studios New York.

The holidays officially hit your workout routine. If you haven’t quite started your Christmas workout playlist or favorite holiday-themed workout videos yet, don’t worry — Peloton’s Cody Rigsby will help you ring in the holidays with Mariah Carey, the Queen of Christmas, in person.

The Grammy Award-winning legend appeared on the Dec. 1 season finale of Rigsby’s series “LOL Cody,” a variety show slash workout class that has already featured the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen and Trixie Mattel. The fourth and final episode, which was themed around the holidays, also featured comedians Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers as special guests, accompanying Rigsby on the bike. Carey made a surprise appearance to celebrate the start of the season and start her Peloton Artist Series, which also started today. Of course she had to hit a few high notes.

We know that working out doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with the holidays — at least not in the way cheesy movies, hot chocolate, and snuggling in a blanket do. But if there’s anyone who could make us get on our bikes in December, it’s Mariah Carey. Add Rigsby to spice us up and OK, finewe train before the next baking tray comes into the oven.

Watch the full ‘LOL Cody’ episode featuring the ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ singer by streaming it on Peloton bike, Peloton Bike+and Peloton app. The Peloton Mariah Carey Artist Series is now available with 11 new classes on the Peloton Bike, Tread, Row and App – no gear required!

Bowen Yang, Cody Rigsby and Matt Rogers on the set of LOL Cody at Peloton Studios New York.

Image Credit: James Farrell

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