María José Suárez sweeps with the warm cardigan that rejuvenates at 40 and jeans with jewel details

María José Suárez sweeps with the warm cardigan that rejuvenates at 40 and jeans with jewel details +2023

You can never have enough knitwear in your closet. They are warm and always look more stylish. Knitwear, whether they are sweaters or jackets, can be of many styles, more classic or modern. María José Suárez has shown with her latest look that in no case are they at odds with elegance.

Nuria Roca, with wide pants and a bright sweater, marks the most comfortable and elegant look of winter

The model has gone shopping with a look that women over 40 have to have on the radar yes or yes. María José Suárez has reminded us that jewelery jeans, that is to say embellished with gemstones or crystals -in a very subtle or obvious way- are a trend this year, and more especially in this time of so many appointments, meals and parties. She has given it a much more modern point with an oversized colored knitted cardigan.

Maria Jose Suarez
Maria Jose Suarez

María José Suárez with a cardigan.

What can go wrong with a look of jeans, cardigan and cowboy boots? ANY. María José Suárez has worn a large, thick cardigan with a very cozy touch and winter that as special has its print with letters and the famous language of Rolling Stone. The key to wearing these types of garments with such prominence and not falling into stridency is to combine them with more neutral and very basic colored garments. In this case, they are also special and flattering!

The pants are mom jeans style and high waisted, which stylizes the silhouette quite a bit, and the white and ecru sweater is tucked inside to define the silhouette. In this way, this XXL cardigan with fringes and a lot of strength does not add sizes or get lost among many meaningless garments.

Maria Jose Suarez

María José Suárez rounds off the look with black suede cowboy boots. Country or cowboy boots are the top trend this season and those who know the most about fashion wear them with all kinds of looks and clothes. They look good with all kinds of dresses, skirts, oversized sweaters, leggings, skinny… And it also stands out with straight jeans.

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