María José Suárez devastates with the most elegant and easy-to-combine minimalist Christmas jumper +2023

When this time of year arrives, one of our fetish garments is the sweater. We have them in many styles, fabrics and colors, but the one with a classic Christmas air is one of the favourites. We refer to this type of warm jumpersin wool, with a braided or figure-of-eight design and even with a turtleneck.

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The last celebrity we have seen with one of them isMaria Jose Suarez. The former model and presenter has worn one of the most minimalist, a cream-colored sweater that matched with jeans for a family day.

The simplest Christmas jumper

Maria Jose Suarez

But the truth is that this kind of simple christmas jumpers It has many possibilities when it comes to creating more groomed, original and rejuvenating looks and we are going to show you. We have found a sweater very similar to María José Suárez’s at H&M and we are already imagining all the ways to wear it before the end of 2022.

H&M jumper
H&M (REF: 1089152001) €29.99

It’s a cable knit turtleneck jumper in a very soft cream color. It is not long, it has a shorter design, as dictated by the trend that is coupled with that of high-waisted lower garments (skirts or pants). You have the same model available in powdery pink and also in greyish beige. They are all neutral tones that are very easy to combine and that feel great on the face, especially this almost white color that brings a lot of light to the face.

How to Wear a Minimalist Christmas Sweater

With skin effect leggings

One of the most interesting possibilities of this sweater is to combine it with some leather effect leggings shapers and with cowboy boots high cane. We have selected them in a soft brown tone for contrast, but they would also work with black boots, for example.

As a bonus tip: you can wear the jumper with a classic cut shirt underneath and let it be seen below (it is one of the micro-trends of the moment), it can be white or light blue and white stripes.

  • The leather effect leggings are from Esprit via El Corte Inglés. REF: 001028910000448. They cost €59.99.
  • The boots are from Lefties with the cowboy style that is so successful. REF: 1117/090/105. They cost €39.99.
With mini sequin skirt

Not long ago we told you that one of the most original looks for this Christmas It consists of mixing a very warm woolen or knitted garment with a sequined skirt like Blanca Suárez in the new El Corte Inglés campaign. In this sense, we have created this look with a metallic pink mini paillettes and cream-colored pointed toe ankle boots. A sweet and flirty outfit with which to go super comfortable to any Christmas event.

  • The sequin mini skirt It’s from H&M. REF: 1105776003. It costs €24.99.
  • The patent-effect block-heel ankle boots They are from Zara. REF: MINK GRAY | 1105/110. They cost: €49.95.
With corduroy pants and slippers

If you go to the office and end up having a beer or a Christmas drink with this look, you will not clash at all and you will also be super comfortable and super youthful. It is created with our reference jersey, some micro corduroy mini bell bottom pants (the flare It is a total trend) in dark green and gold glitter sneakers.

  • The green micro corduroy pants (one of the most Christmassy tones) are from Mango. REF.: REF. 37057708-CATALINA-LM. They cost €35.99.
  • The glitter Converse high top sneakers They are a whim that you will not regret. They are the Chuck Taylor All Star Glitter by you model because you can customize the color of the selected glitter. They cost €100.
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