Mar Flores knows how to combine the fuchsia skirt with a great effect impeccably to rock the 50s +2023

Mar Flores has had to work on this bridge. The model has been on the Antena 3 program And now Sonsoles. As soon as we found out that she has made an appearance on television, we have left let’s see what look she has worn And we have to confess that… We have fallen in love! The businesswoman has taken a total fuchsia look and our eyes have gone directly to her midi skirt.

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The total fuchsia look with a midi skirt and a shirt by Mar Flores

Mar Flores has shown us that winter is not incompatible with color. Quite the opposite. The model has opted for a total look of the tone that we have seen the most in 2022 and that we will surely continue to see in 2023 because it is rejuvenating, good-looking and versatile effect. Fuchsia has been her choice to mark a great look with a midi skirt and shirt, one of those that is worth copying because it is elegant and stylized.

sea ​​flowers

The fuchsia leather effect midi skirt by Mar Flores

With her midi skirt, Mar Flores has joined the trend of leather effect garments. These garments are taking center stage this season, something we love because they are ideal for exuding personality and sophistication at the same time. In addition, the shape of her skirt could not be more flattering. Thanks to his high shot, he makes a great guy and has a flat stomach effect that feels ten In addition, the tables that it has are super original and end with the tube shape that shapes the hip area to give a bit of flight and turn it into a proposal easy to carry.

When combining it, Mar Flores has opted for one of the top trends of the season, the one of the monocolor looks. If until a few months ago what was worn was the color block, combining different striking tones, now what we are seeing the most is wearing monochrome looks.

How to wear the fuchsia skirt by Mar Flores

The model has succumbed to this trend by combining her fuchsia skirt with a shirt of the same color. It is a basic garment that is characterized by being fluid and elegant. sea ​​flowers he has put it inside of the skirt to enhance the great effect that the garment has at waist level.

If the skirt and the shirt have something in common besides their color, is that they are super versatile. Together they are ideal, but separately they have many possibilities so you can get a great game out of them.

The fuchsia shirt by Mar Flores is one of those that you can wear with skirts and pants more arranged and also with casual style garments such as jeans.

As for the leather effect midi skirt, Mar Flores can wear it both with shirts of other colors like with basic t-shirts. Among the tones that go well with fuchsia are white, black, green, blue, other shades of the pink range… It has many possibilities!

Fuchsia skirt options

We don’t know where exactly Mar Flores’s skirt is from, but we liked it so much that we left to sign fuchsia skirts of different shapes and fabrics to get one now.

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