Make-up trends 2023: These 3 looks are hip

Make-up trends 2023: These 3 looks are hip +2023

Makeup trends 2023 These 3 looks are hip now

Lighter than it looks: rhinestones immediately turn any simple look into an eye-catcher!


If you want to be trendy with your make-up, you can’t avoid these three looks in 2023! If you are looking for inspiration for a specific occasion or just for everyday life to update your daily make-up routine, you will find it in the video.

While in the last year the make-up has become more and more natural, full coverage has been avoided and nude lipstick has been preferred, in 2023 it can be a little more. However, anyone who thinks of a full-face make-up á la 2016 is wrong: In the new year we set accents on the eyes or lips, while the complexion remains natural and glowy.

Make-up trends 2023: 3 looks that will make everyone look at you

Even if you otherwise feel most comfortable with more natural make-up, you can still use trends as inspiration and perhaps implement them in a reduced form – the possibilities are limitless! You can find out which make-up looks are popular in 2023 in the video.

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