Make-up horoscope: With this beauty product you can make your zodiac sign shine +2023

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This beauty product will make your zodiac sign shine

You can emphasize your own advantages in no time at all, taking into account your zodiac sign.

You can emphasize your own advantages in no time at all, taking into account your zodiac sign.

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Your zodiac sign not only says something about your personality, feelings or your day, but also something about how you emphasize your beauty.

Lipstick, blush or eyeshadow: do you sometimes feel like you don’t know what to emphasize best on your face? The astrological answer to this is so simple. Because: Each of the twelve signs of the zodiac has properties that reveal exactly how you can showcase your assets in a beautiful way.

Aries: 21.03. – 20.04.

Colored liner: Your nature is open-hearted, confident and passionate. You also like to reflect your inexhaustible power in your make-up. A bright eyeliner lets you keep the perspective and automatically makes you a beauty eye-catcher. In purple, pink, blue or green, no one can resist your glance.

Taurus: 21.04. – 20.05.

Brown mascara: Masters of loyalty and dependability, Taurus prefer to stay consistent in their makeup routine. Fancy looks are nothing for you as a persistent and calm zodiac sign. A hint of brown mascara is enough for you to stay in tune with your being and underline your natural beauty.

Gemini: 21.05. – 21.06.

Double Eyeshadow: As an air sign, you are communicative, alert, and cheerful. But it also has deeper facets. A cut crease in shades of blue is the perfect way to express your playful side. How about a cooler tone on the movable lid and a darker framing on the outside?

Cancer: 22.06. – 22.07.

Soft blush: One of the most emotional signs of the zodiac: you are bursting with romance, kindness and tenderness. In your circle of acquaintances you create feelings of fresh infatuation. It’s no wonder that you like to balance your cheeks with this feeling. Your colors are soft apricot and cotton candy nuances.

Leo: 23.07. – 23.08.

Red lipstick: Similar to the predatory animal with its voluminous mane, the brave, self-confident and extroverted lion can go a step further. A red kissing mouth makes your interlocutor literally hang on your lips. How about scarlet, vermilion or tomato red?

Virgo: 24.08. – 23.09.

Eyebrow Gel: You meet your environment with a lot of understanding and respect. But expect that in return. Perfection and intellect are what define you. And what you meticulously emphasize in your makeup routine. You like to live out your sense of order in your eyebrow routine. A colored gel fixes stubborn hairs and gives your face a perfect frame.

Libra: 24.09. – 23.10.

Luminous lip gloss: Loving beauty, as a Libra you need to be sparkling and glittery. A gloss underlines your graceful and loving nature and also clarifies your peace-loving and open vein without covering your lips with color. Tip: A non-sticky, flavorful lip gloss doesn’t just make you the cutest eye-catcher on a date…

Scorpio: 24.10. – 22.11.

Kohl Kajal: Perceptive, intelligent and mysterious. For those around you, you usually seem mysterious — unpredictable. Not surprising: You only let a few people get to your emotional core. Your untouched, cool attitude gets more expression with a dark kohl kajal on the lower waterline. Smudged with a Q-tip, the finish can also go in the grunge direction.

Sagittarius: 23.11. – 21.12.

Powder highlight: As a caring and helpful zodiac sign, your look is also benevolent and open. You are the light and the source of goodness for many people. To intensify this, you can emphasize your assets with a highlighter. A little powder on the bridge of the nose, cheekbones or on the heart of the lips makes you an eye-catcher.

Capricorn: 22.12. – 20.01.

Shimmering Bronzer: Ambitious, self-confident and disciplined, you give your straightforward way more depth with bronzer. Similar to contouring, blend a darker nuance onto the cheekbones and the side of the forehead. A lighter tone looks good on the bridge of the nose and chin.

Aquarius: 21.01. – 19.02.

Cream Eye Shadow: Not liquid — not solid: A creamy eye shadow texture immediately inspires the usually undecided sign of the zodiac. Due to the delicate texture, bright colors can also be applied with varying degrees of intensity. A shimmering glow underlines the independent, charismatic and intuitive nature of Aquarius.

Pisces: 20.02. – 20.03.

Highlighter Drops: You bring out your imaginative, good-natured and gentle nature with highlighter drops in rosé. Mixed into your day cream, the complexion looks all the more radiant after applying the foundation. Practical when things have to be done quickly: the drops can also be easily mixed with the make-up on the back of the hand.


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