Make-up faux pas: This is how you quickly look older than you are +2023

Attention, beauty trap!
These 3 makeup mistakes make you older than you are

There are makeup mistakes that make you look older than you are

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The right makeup can bring out the best in your face — or it can make you look older than you actually are. To prevent the latter from happening, you should avoid the following three make-up mistakes.

Makeup is a pure blessing. Tired skin can be given a nice glow in no time at all, or eyes made to appear larger and the nose smaller. But if you make certain mistakes, the whole thing can backfire quite a bit and suddenly you look ten years older than you actually are. Don’t you want that? Then here are the three most common make-up mistakes that make you look older.

These 3 makeup mistakes make you older than you are

1. Black eyeliner

A black eyeliner can look great. On the upper lash line, it can make the lashes look fuller and emphasize the eyes to their advantage. But be careful if you have small eyes or droopy eyelids. In that case, you’d better keep your hands off it. Because a black eyeliner can also make the eyes smaller than they are.

You shouldn’t line your eyelids, especially on the lower lash line, if you don’t want to look older than you are. It is precisely this line under the eyes that often makes the eyes look tired and old. Dark circles can come into their own more.

If you still want to emphasize the lower lash line, you should not draw a hard black line here, but rather work with a powder in shades of gray or brown. That looks smoother. Or you can use a light eyeliner that opens your eyes and makes them look fresher.

2. Too much blush

Sure, if you have a sallow, pale complexion, blush can add color to your face. It looks fresher and healthier. But be careful! If you choose the wrong color and apply too much blush, you can quickly look a lot older than you are.

You should also not pull rouge too deeply into your face, as was the trend in the 80s, for example, when people liked to pull a strong rouge tone from the center of the face across the cheeks to the temples. This is an absolute no-go today. Rather place the delicate dabs of color just below the highest points of the cheekbones and blend them well with the rest of your make-up so that there are no hard edges.

3. Neglecting the eyebrows

Eyebrows can significantly affect the overall look of the face. In recent years, the fashion for eyebrows has changed in such a way that fuller and stronger brows have developed from eyebrows that used to be as thin as possible in the 90s. Thin, overly plucked eyebrows make you look a lot older than you are. Therefore emphasize your eyebrows, but make sure that they appear strong and full, but still natural. The tone chosen for the brows should not be too dark and should be based on your natural hair color.


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