Make sugaring yourself: recipe and instructions

Make sugaring yourself: recipe and instructions +2023

Make sugaring yourself This is how hair removal with sugar paste works at home

Make sugaring yourself: woman applies sugar paste

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Hair removal with sugaring paste is not only sustainable, but also promises a long-lasting result. We’ll show you how to make sugaring yourself!

Whether shaving, epilation or waxing – there are many options for hair removal. Of course, everyone is free to decide for themselves whether they want to remove the little hairs on their legs, genital area, etc. For most of us there is one method of hair removal however, an integral part of our beauty routine or intimate hygiene. Shaving or hair removal with depilatory cream are quick and painless – but cause plastic waste and have to be repeated every few days. Epilating the hair with an epilator promises longer-lasting results – but these can be quite expensive and cause pain.

Anyone who regularly goes to the waxing studio for hair removal will certainly be familiar with it sugaring. More and more studios are specializing in the gentler and more skin-friendly alternative to waxing. If you want to save the money for the studio visits, you can Try sugaring at home – to make the sugaring paste yourself, you only need three simple ingredients. With a little practice, it’s not that difficult to use.

What is sugaring?

Sugaring is a hair removal method in which the body hair is made up with a mass sugar, water and lemon juice be removed. The gunk, too Halawa is applied against the direction of hair growth and then pulled off with a fleece strip or by hand. The hair is removed along with the root and grows back more slowly and finely. Sugaring has a long tradition and originally comes from the Hamams of the Orient, these are public steam baths. Hair removal with Halawa is part of body care there, because the sugar paste not only removes body hair, but also gently cleanses the skin.

Pros and cons of hair removal method

When it comes to sugaring, it is very clear: There are more advantages than disadvantages. The biggest Disadvantage is the brief pain when peeling off the sugar paste, similar to waxing. Besides that you need practice to get good sugaring results and hair removal is more time-consuming than a quick wet shave. The Benefits of Sugaring are:

  • The sugar paste does not stick to the skin as strongly as wax and is peeled off with the direction of hair growth – hence the sugar paste hair removal method softer and gentler on the skin.
  • Sugaring can too finest hairs be removed cleanly and do not break off easily.
  • In contrast to shaving, the hair is removed with sugaring with the hair root – the treated parts of the body remain up to hair free for a month.
  • And the best: Sugaring is sustainable. Unlike other hair removal methods, there is no packaging waste and the sugar paste is permanent 100 percent from natural ingredients. Sugaring, unlike a depilatory cream, for example, is therefore also very suitable for allergy sufferers.

Here’s what you need to know before using sugaring

Generally you can with the sugaring paste all body parts depilate Especially for beginners, the legs are suitable for the first application of sugaring to get a feeling for the sugar mass. In more sensitive areas such as the intimate area or the face, you should be careful with sugaring and make sure that the sugar paste is not too hot.

In the bikini area, it may be worth having a professional do the depilation with sugaring to achieve the best results. A day before the depilation, you can clean your skin with a gentle peeling prepare to remove dead skin and prevent ingrown hairs. Better use before no rich body lotion, so that the halawa adheres better to the skin. The hair should be one Minimum length of five millimeters that is, not shaving that part of the body for about two weeks.

Now all you have to do is decide whether you want to buy the sugaring paste, which retails for between 4 and 30 euros, or whether you Make your own sugaring want. Tip: You probably already have the ingredients for the paste at home anywayhere comes the recipe:

Make sugaring yourself: The recipe for the sugar paste

To make the sugar paste you will need:

  • 2 parts sugar (both white and brown sugar will do)
  • a portion of water
  • part lemon juice (fresh or spritz lemon)
  • cooking pot or pan
  • Wooden spoon or spatula for stirring
  • jam jar or container

You can simply use the same glass or cup to measure out the three ingredients.


  1. Put all three ingredients together in the pot and bring them to the boil Melt. It’s best to stir constantly.

  2. When the liquid begins to boil and bubbles you take them off the stove and keep stirring until the bubbles are gone. The mass should now have a caramel-brown color.

  3. Then you let the mixture boil again and repeat the process until the Consistency viscous is. Tip: If the mass remains too liquid, add a little more sugar. If it’s too thick, lemon will help.

  4. Finally, you can best pour the mass into a container with a funnel and let cool down. Caution: the sugar paste is fresh off the stove, very hot.

You can simply store the homemade sugar mass in the fridge and use it for sugaring use again and again. All you have to do is warm it up in the microwave for a very short time (a few seconds) before use.

Good to know: The lemon juice is so important when making the halawa because the citric acid it contains supports the splitting of sucrose, i.e. normal granulated sugar, into invert sugar. This is the liquid form of sugar, so to speak, which gives the sugar paste its smooth consistency.

This is how sugaring works

  • clean the part of the body you want to depilate with a little water or rubbing alcohol from greasy residue.

  • Take a walnut-sized portion of the paste and knead it between your hands. The paste should be slightly heated beforehand and approximately at body temperature lay.

  • Now apply the mass with a spatula or your hands against the direction of hair growth on the body.

  • Then you pull the sugar mass in several jerky strokes in the direction of hair growth. You can either do the peeling by hand or place a piece of fleece on top to have a better grip on the piece.

  • As long as the lump of icing isn’t too runny, you can use it over and over again. If the consistency of the sugar too soft becomes, you take new mass.


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