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Madisson Tried After Stillbirth (Exclusive) – Hollywood Life +2023

Madison Hausburg returns to Siesta Key: Miami moves for the December 8 episode of the show and HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek. In the clip, Madisson meets with Kelsey Owens. Their conversation begins with Kelsey walking in Juliette Porters fashion show for Miami Swim Week, despite their previous feud. “The other day we were having a drink and she asked me to do the show and I agreed,” explains Kelsey. “We decided to move forward and let go of the past.”

While Madisson was happy to hear things were going well for Kelsey and Juliette, she had a lot on her mind. madisson and her husband Isch Sotolost her son Eliot, in December 2021 after being born with a string around his neck. She described the devastating miscarriage in the finale of the final season of siesta button.

Madison Hausburg
Madisson on the December 8 episode of ‘Siesta Key’. (MTV)

In this week’s episode, Madisson tells Kelsey that she’s still “not” “great,” but is excited to “reconnect” now that she’s back in Miami. “I really haven’t socialized at all,” she admits. “It’s been seven months since Elliot was born and it’s been pretty tough.” Madisson was back in Los Angeles, where she lives with Ish, as they mourned the loss of their son together.

“Right now we’re trying to conceive and it’s a really difficult process in itself,” Madisson shares. “But on top of that, I’m still grieving. It just doesn’t happen. I don’t understand what’s going on with my body. It’s a lot of pressure.” While this episode was filming in the summer of 2022, Madisson recently revealed in an Instagram Q&A that she and Ish were still struggling to conceive.

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife In May, Madisson explained why she and Ish were trying for another baby three months after Elliot’s death. “No baby will ever replace Elliot,” she shared. “But when I left the hospital, I didn’t just lose Elliot. I lost that version of me that was a mother, that was an active mother. I had to go home and my breasts were full of milk. My body was like…I need a baby. So having a live baby in my arms and hopefully creating new love is definitely part of my healing process.”

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